Competitive kerning game

Kern Type is a competitive kerning game that invites you to nudge type until it's laid out real nice and kentucky.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


    1. I’ve heard that phrase before!  I rather like it.

      Found this:

      Douglas Adams! Awesome. Truly awesome.

      KENTUCKY (adv.)
      Fitting exactly and satisfyingly. The cardboard box that slides neatly into an exact space in a garage, or the last book which exactly fills a bookshelf, is said to fit ‘real nice and kentucky’.

      1. Cool!  I’ve never heard that phrase before.  Perhaps because I live pretty close to Kentucky, so it’s not an abstract word around here.

  1. I thought this would be easy but I really didn’t expect to get 100% on most of them. And I’m not even in the graphics field (hmmm, maybe I should be)

  2. I would just like to thank all of the people who have been doing the kerning for me all this time, while I typed away, blissfully unaware. If I had to kern for myself, I’m afraid I would induce headaches.

  3. I have nothing amusing to add. Except, perhaps, that this may well make up for never having been able to find a mug at Disneyland with my name on it.

    -Kern Sutton

  4. Effortless 100%s. For once, a game I am very, very good at. If any of you knew Mother Adams at Nepean High School in the ’80s, you will know why.

  5. So disappointing. I thought this was going to involve slowly bending nude NY co-eds over bar-stools in their breakfast nooks as the late-afternoon sun spills into their apartments, then gently nudging apart their legs to juuuuust the right angle before capturing their images in beautiful black-and-white. But I guess ‘Kerning’ is something different.

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