#OccupyWallSt: Luke Skywalker is the 99%

Photoshopper unknown. Via Brandon Neely.


  1. Yes!  Star Wars explains so much: sociology, psychology, religion.  Now while taking to the streets has been great, now is the time to work on replacing the corrupt leaders.  http://OccupyGovernment.org invites voters to pledge to elect those who serve our interests and not those of the corporations.  Not only that, but there’s a web platform for candidates to get elected without corporate money.  Check it out.

      1. Or, for a more pertinent idiom akin to shark jumping, shall we say the meme has “won the podrace”?

        Or maybe just “supplanted Lapti Nek.”

        “Gone to Endor”?

        “Celebrated Life Day on Kashyyyk”?

        Or, for the real sourpusses out there, maybe it’s just “gone to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters.”

  2. Thanks… for the rest of the day, I am going to be imagining Carl Rove pulling off his mask and throwing Rush Limbaugh into the Death Star Reactor core (built by Haliburton).

    Rove of course gets a nasty hernia.

    1. I always saw Rush as more of a Jabba myself, living off the underbelly of the Empire. Cheney is def. the Emperor.

  3. Leia = princess = 1%.

    Seriously tho, there’s an elected Queen Amidala, and Leia doesn’t act as royal as Han accuses her of, but you can tell by their titles that Lucas kinda plays on our tendency to idealize monarchs.

  4. I might be picking nits, but it’s Photoshopper Unknown because it wasn’t photoshopped, it was GIMPed. FOSS FTW.

  5. That’s no Photoshop…

    Looks like someone has a huge TV and a copy of the Star Wars blu-ray, paused on this frame, and held up a print-out in front of it – and then added digital noise to make it blend together.

  6. +penguinchris Not quite. It’s a screencap from the DVD combined with a picture of my hand holding the printout. You’re right about the digital noise, but I only had to add it to the screencap as the printout pic was already taken with a webcam quality camera.  You’re also right about the lack of photoshop, as stated earlier, I used GIMP.

  7. I’m just surprised to see that they used full justification for the text margins back then.

    And I’m glad to see that the fact that “jumping the shark” has jumped the shark is being discussed in this thread.

  8. Funny since the Rebellion was started by members of the 1% who wanted more power and were pissed that the lost it when Palaptine declared himself king of everything.

    Oh and never mind what happened in the books, even though they are considered cannon and would actually show that Luke was a tool for the 1%.

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