Subway station decorated with pixelart inspired by 8-bit games

A Stockholm metro station has been redecorated with pixel-art inspired by classic games. They're lovely -- what a nice way to start your daily commute.

(via Neatorama)


  1. Two suggestions. First, they really need to put a Mario-style “?” block on one of the walls, just above head-level for the average commuter.

    Second, for the underground portion of the station, they need to play the “underground” music (cf. Super Mario Bros., World 1-2 et alia).

  2. I went to and from the subway station for 3 years during high school. The station is namned “Thorildsplan” and was repainted in 2008.

    Fun fact: Before the 8-bit paint job, the station featured poetry from a largely unknown and largely worthless 19th century poet. The walls were repeatedly sprayed with grafitti.
    After the repaint, the grafitti artists left it alone. I guess the only way to stop grafitti is with pop culture art?

  3. Pretty gutsy to include a bomb icon in a subway station. That kinna thing would never fly in the  land of the free, home of the brave. 

  4. Love it. Looks really fresh and clean, something of a contradiction when it’s a railway station. And if the taggers leave it alone, so much the better.

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