Occupy Wall Street: Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, and others sing "This Little Light of Mine" in Columbus Circle, NYC (video)

Columbus Circle, New York City, last night. [Video Link, via Kevin Gosztola]


    1. You’re going to have to explain to me what it is about libertarianism that’s inherently anti-union, if that’s what you’re getting at. I had the impression libertarianism was about the proper scope of government, not about what kind of commercial organizations people were to be allowed to form.

  1. Ok, me dumb. White hat looks like Arlo, black hat looks like David Crosby. Nobody looks like Pete Seeger. Where?

  2. One of the center posts of libertarianism is the right of any individual to freely associate or contact with any other, in any way they see fit.  Most self identified libertarians are anti-union because collective bargaining prevents individuals from doing so freely.

    Most self identified libertarians have also only experienced the downside of unions… like intimidation and property damage of non-union labor by union members, and ineffective/lazy workers kept in high paying positions by seniority. (These are genuine problems, BTW ).

    They have never lived or worked in a world without a 40 hour workweek, overtime limitations, or workmans comp insurance.  These were not – as some assert – “natural outgrowths of technological advancement”, they are hard fought and hard won benefits that came about only because of ( often violent ) conflicts with business owners.  One need look no further than the excesses of Pinkerton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries – and the factory owners that hired them – for evidence of this.

    So yes, by and large, libertarians are anti-union because the structure of unions in America – the concentration of power and influence in opaque and infinitely corruptible leadership – is just as corruptible as the government they dislike so much. However, many still fail to realize that the corporate structure and profit motive they (libertarians ) often lionize has all of the same failings.

  3. He’s hard to spot. He’s seated in the shadows to Arlo Guthrie’s left, below Tom Paxton (I think–green guitar). You can only see his face when the cameras flash.

    1. Still don’t see him. The person to Arlo’s left wearing a black t-shirt and a black and white checkered shirt is around 60, has a full head of hair and looks like a cross between Frank Zappa and Osama Bin Laden. Might make him a great songwriter, but not Pete.

      1. No you’re looking for the guy in between Arlo and Bushy Beard Guy. Look for the hat first, it stands out more. You only see him for a few seconds near the start of the video. He’s right below  the gentleman with the green guitar.

  4. If you sing “this little light of mine” in spain, everyone smiles, and starts clapping and singing – they love it! I’m sure a singing flashmob with that song could happen in the strangest of places here. 

    I recorded people singing it on the day this happened at our acampada (occupation):

    - and the recording is here: http://soundcloud.com/alefernandez/thislittlelightofmine27m

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