Spider Man swing-dancers

This clip from the 2007 American Lindy Hop Championships features a pair of talented hoofers cutting a rug to a cool jazz rendition of the Spider Man theme, and the fella is wearing a Spider Man getup. It's aces. (via The Mary Sue)


    1. Maybe he had to do it to prove his identity as the one who entered the contest. By the way, how did they place?

      1. Probably not very high. Novelty routines like that one and the Mario one below are often crowd favorites but they don’t get high marks from the judges. Plus the spidey suit tends to highlight a lot of the little flaws in the details of his dancing. Cute idea, though.

  1. I am always in awe of how easy swing dancers make it look to do the Lindy Hop.  It is a true testament to their skill as dancers when they can just toss each other around like that.

    Whereas if I were to try some of those moves, I’d probably end up with a broken neck and a mess in my pants inside of 30 seconds.

  2. You’ve got to appreciate his attention to detail: his red dancing shoes have the spider web motif from the costume on them to make them look like Spiderman’s boots.

    1. I probably shouldn’t admit to owning a (very old) pair of Oakley shoes, but they have black spiderweb stitching on red shoes. 

  3. So in these dark times, I was thinking that they must have had to make crazy special arrangements for licensing that song, but of course all of the dancers would have to license their music, so maybe it’s not such a big deal after all.

    Spectacular dancing, too, lots of upper-body strength.

  4. Yeah, but the Vulture can Charleston like nobody’s business — twenty-three skiddoo, heh heh! Ya whippersnappers!

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