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Watchismo's showing some very cool automatic mechanical timepieces from Nixon Watches. The Swiss made Nixon Automatic II watch is an upgrade to one of their first mechanical classics, now with an improved design and more attitude: "Auto F*king Matic" is right on the caseback. Seen from the rear sapphire crystal porthole. Pre-order them at Watchismo.com.

The Nixon Mellor Automatic watch expresses itself through cool mid-century minimalism. Perfected with a lack of detail, this mechanical machine is simultaneously simple and complex. The dial and integrated lugs conceal the capsulated mechanics lying within. Both of these collections are available now at Watchismo in their Nixon Watch collection.


  1. That movement’s an ETA 2824-2.  In its most refined forms it’s one of the best out there.  It’s the small block Chevy of mechanical timekeeping.

    1. I just spent the last hour reading about watch movements.  Until you made this  comment I didn’t realize that there were such things as ETA (or other) movements. Interesting stuff.

    1. Wow, that’s a dullard response Flowerpickerkiller — but blending into society with no sense of individuality or self-expression is blissful, right? 

  2. Nice watches, irritating name.  Don’t want to remember that paranoid crook when I check the time.  Like a  Madoff calculator, or a Ken Lay wallet.

  3. The headline for this entry starts with the words “sponsor shout-out.” You knew what you were getting yourself into before you ever typed that comment.

    Since you apparently dislike Watchismo (or just high-end watches; I can’t really tell), why don’t you suggest another sponsor for BoingBoing? I mean, if you know enough to hate Watchismo, that implies you know enough to have some better alternative in mind. I’d love to know what that alternative is.

    Incidentally, Watchismo offers loads of watches priced well under $1000, and quite a few decent ones under $100. If that’s still too pricey, try Target or Walmart. They have some reliable watches there for under $50. Still too pricey? Push a stick into the dirt outside of your squatter’s tent and make yourself a sundial. You can delineate the hours of the clock with acorn shells, rocks or piles of bugs you pull out of your dreadlocks. That way, you’ll always know when it’s 4:20.

    Whoops, I think I got a little sarcastic there. Oh well.

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