Occupy Wellington: whiteboard, camera, outrage, action!

Penelope Lattey of Wellington, New Zealand headed down to her local Occupy with a whiteboard, a marker, her camera, and asked people to explain why they were there. The result: Occupy Wellington: a project.

(thanks, Susannah Breslin!)


  1. Thanks for the link love Xeni! I’m on the comms team at Occupy Wellington and we’ve made a big effort to get the positive angle out: we’re not a bunch of angry protesters, we’re an intelligent fluid group demonstrating how an equitable society can function.

    Or anyone in the region, come and visit! 

    We held the first of many ‘Occupy Your Mind’ events over the weekend: a dozen academics and community leaders giving open air lectures and workshops. This weekend we’re having a Real Free Trade Market where people can come to the Civic Square and exchange or give away stuff they don’t need, get some free food, and hear some talks about alternative economies like Timebanking.

    If anyone wants to know more we are beginning to get organised online,
    with all of our many channels falling into place under our umbrella
    website: http://www.occupywellington.org/

  2. How nice for these kids to have something to do.  I hated to have my son and his posse hanging out at the house in the backyard all day doing nothing until he finally decided to go to school.  Boredom is not a good advisor! 

  3. Well, clearly his spelling ability isn’t going to get himself  freed the poverty cycle.  Maybe with a little government action…


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