Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom free audiobook

Sean Puckett has read my first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, aloud for the Voices in the Dark site. The download is free and CC licensed, and it's very good. (Thanks, Tomi!)


  1. You’re awesome for releasing your material into the open for free, Cory!  I’m looking forward to reading FTW on the Aldiko reader for Android once I’m done my current book, but perhaps I’ll fill my daily commute with this audio book as well.

    May I ask the extent of the CC license?  I’m a DJ and enjoy sampling and scratching audio from various sources.  Are derivative works permitted?

    1. Check out the original text from the book’s downloads page . If I read it correctly, the original book is CC licensed with “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike”. Therefore the audiobook must have an equally permissive license: further derivative works need to be attributed, non-commercial and free to share, or you have to negotiate something more specific with the voice actor and Cory for example if you want to charge for it.

      Or… is sampling “fair use” and not covered by these restrictions?

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