Die Antwoord: "Fok Julle Naaiers" (music video)

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The song, and the video, which apparently led to Die Antwoord's divorce from Interscope to go independent. This will be the first single to be released off their soon-to-be-self-released album TEN$ION.

Warning: If you are afraid of spiders or scorpions, you should not watch this video.


  1. Too hard…not even close.
    Having to censor half the words just to get it on late night TV might have something to do with it.

  2. right at about 3:34-3:37 picture a room full of music executives all slowly start to look at each other at the same time

  3. Spiders and scorpions are no problem but you didn’t say anything about butterflies. You really should warn people who might suffer from lepidopterophobia.

  4. Note to Interscope: if you’re trying to get a group to make more mainstream music, best get in there *before* this song/video is made.

    Seriously. I’m trying to imagine  what was going through the label exec’s minds when they realized what kind of record was being made.

    1. Seriously. I’m trying to imagine  what was going through the label exec’s minds when they realized what kind of record was being made.

      One thing and one thing only– How can I turn this into piles of cash?

      1. Hey Ted, is “fuck you in the ass” some new urban thing?

        Don’t know Jimmy, I’ll have marketing look into it.

  5. Last time the question of anti-gay slurs and homophobia came up with respect to Die Antwoord there was a pretty academic excuse for it. What will it be this time, that quoting Mike Tyson is a trenchant literary reference? 

      1. Hi Tek is gay- their response

        “He’s kind of taken that word and made it his bitch.”
        It’s so obviously satire.

    1. There’s the Tyson reference but also I’m pretty sure Hi-Tek is gay. As in, not just the band persona but the real life guy who makes their beats. But even with that justification I can’t say I’m that comfortable with that whole bit.  It seems likely to turn off people who might like the band for no good reason, and it’s already enough of a slog trying to convince people that DA are actually really good.

      Also hope the whole Interscope split doesn’t bite them in the arse. From what I hear ‘Ninja’ has a long history of self sabotaging projects in the name of artistic integrity.

      1. Indeed, it still doesn’t work for me. Their gloss has three parts: 1) hi-Tek is gay 2) “faggot” employed in this way it’s either a term of empowerment or, else, used purely artistically and, 3) in South Africa, people don’t freak out about this. 

        Taking them in reverse order: that’s fine, their South African audience, to the degree this resonates with them, are free to enjoy such language. I don’t. Legitimate artistic expression is fine – and this is legitimate artistic expression – but that doesn’t erase the effects of language choices on target listeners. Anyone is allowed to say whatever the hell they please, but one cannot, merely by virtue of saying the words “I mean it like this” interrupt deleterious social effects that attend to one’s statements. DA seem to want, under the guise of art, to be free from having to consider this other half of speech acts. They just don’t care how people take it. And that’s fine (they do not have to), but it doesn’t inoculate them from criticism for the same. Finally, I hope no one takes #1 seriously, as if being a member of an insular minority group is a shield against charges of perpetuating hurtful stereotypes.

        1. Finally, I hope no one takes #1 seriously, as if being a member of an insular minority group is a shield against charges of perpetuating hurtful stereotypes.

          Huzzah. If you respond to charges of offensiveness by claiming to be a member of the offended class, it reveals a fundamental lack of comprehension. A black person can be racist. A gay person can be homophobic. A Jew can be anti-Semitic. That, “don’t worry, he’s gay,” is their first response doesn’t speak well to their ability to comment on homophobia without propagating it.

          1. If you respond to charges of offensiveness by claiming to be a member of the offended class, it reveals a fundamental lack of comprehension.

            You don’t get to tell us what we’re allowed to call ourselves. That’s patronizing, white man’s burden crap.

      2. “It seems likely to turn off people who might like the band for no good reason, and it’s already enough of a slog trying to convince people that DA are actually really good.”

        Ya know, normally when music is good, you don’t run into a ‘slog’ trying to convince others how good they are…

        1. Well it’s not exactly a ‘normal’ band is it? I’ve gotten several people who dismissed them at first to, if not actually like it, then at least admit that there’s a lot of talent and imagination on display. I find the MaxNormal.TV “Way Of The Dassie” video often does the trick, or some of the more accessible original Max Normal tracks.

          Personally at this point I’d rather they focused less on the shock tactics because it’s really the least interesting things about them and just reiterates the false impression of being just a shallow gimmick.

    1. Calling that “homophobic” is like calling Laibach “fascist”.  It entirely misses the irony.  I fully expect DJ hitech is, in fact, gay.  And even if he’s not, he makes other homophobe rappers look like total idiots.
      Do I need to post a link to basic review of what “parody” means?

  6. I don’t find hip-hop’s cartoonish posturing and affectations compelling even when I CAN understand the lyrics. People like this stuff because…?

  7. Well I’m glad someone likes this stuff, cause I sure don’t!

    It would suck to have all that drama of separating from a label for music that no one cared about.

  8. I like the fact that these guys are genuinely creepy, but I wish the music was as interesting as their look. Lot of anger and “fuck yous”, but I can’t figure out what they are so pissed about.

    1. Well it seems they have had some difficulties with lairs, and lack of effeminate caucasian boys to sodomize while having salad? And you, him, him, and her haven’t quickly enough had intercourse in an area far enough away from a man who may or may not belong to a warrior society of ancient asia ; as well as his companion who seems to somehow be involved with human trafficking and have a mild case of alopecia

  9. I’m guessing these guys are popular due to a lack of quality train wreck videos in recent years. 

  10. There was a time where all Interscope did was put out music full of F-Bombs.  Still does actually.  Shady records is part of the Interscope stable.  I’m sure Eminem never made an album full of F Bombs and homophobic slurs.

  11. To get a fuller picture of what Ninja and Yolandi are about, check out Max Normal TV, Watkin Tudor Jones, and Constructus Corporation. All of those personas produced some amazing (and yes, intelligent) music and lyrics. Are they cashing-in? Maybe. But I would definitely not advise this music for the young or irony/parody-impaired. I can certainly understand people being offended, but this offense is from a gay man speaking directly to an audience that likes this kind of music. That doesn’t shield him from critique, but it’s a context that can’t be ignored.

    1. It doesn’t matter whether the speaker is gay, straight, or none of the above, “I’ll fuck you ’til you love me,” is rape-tastic. It’s possible to say racist, rapey, and other offensive things in an ironic way that provides insight and commentary on racism, rape culture, and so forth. The question is: is that happening here? Or is this just an example of saying offensive things for the sake of being offensive, or without concern for whether they are offensive?

      1. I thought it was a funny line, I mean, the first threat of anal rape was shocking and WTF, but after he repeated that about a dozen times, then said he’d rim me and take me to an orgy, I had a hard time seeing this as homophobic.

      2. I can only guess at their motivations regarding offensiveness. Apparently, they’re a little concerned, because they came out with an explanatory video. That’s not gonna be enough for many people, but for me, it gave Hi-Tek’s rant some context. They had to go through this for the circumcision video too, where they also said they don’t tolerate homophobia. Personally, my gut reaction was offense – to both videos. And if there’s merit to being offensive, it’s that it gets this conversation going. As a kid, (before I became a fan), I thought “Dead Kennedys” was offensive. But however flawed his incitement was, Jello Biafra (“Kill the Poor”) started a discussion. Can a gay man come out and threaten sodomy and rape? Of course he can. Is doing so part of an enlightening discussion? On the face of it, by his naked words, probably not – to most.

      3. I ask this question with a genuine desire to read your response: are you most concerned with intention, reception or perception when it comes to the lyrics of this track?

    2. Thanks for getting around to posting this before I had time to. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t realize that Ninja/Yolandi are characters that these amazing artists are playing. Watkin Tudor Jones and Anri du Toit are brilliant musicians who flawlessly wear these constructed personas, pushing people’s buttons, limits, and emotions in every direction. The Constructus Corporation, with its amazing comic, was such a good meshing of musical styling with creative storytelling…hard to match. They learned well from the Enter the Ninja virality. Also highly recommend some of the sidework they do with other artists, like Fucknrad which they did with Simon Ringrose (Sibot) and Spoek Mathambo, among others – and The Original Evergreen.

    1. Does the KKK pissing off a lot of people mean they are doing a good job? What an idiotic statement to make!

      These people are fakes carrying out a Blackface performance according to all the black South African scholars who’s comments I’ve read. Read more here: http://africasacountry.com/2010/02/19/is-die-antwoord-blackface/

      1. Does the KKK pissing off a lot of people mean they are doing a good job? What an idiotic statement to make!

        These people are fakes carrying out a Blackface performance according to all the black South African scholars who’s comments I’ve read.

        Well, gee, I can’t keep track any more – can someone remind me what I’m supposed to be outraged at?  

    2. [quote]The fact that this pisses so many of you off means that they are doing a fine job.[/quote]

      Don’t mistake confusion, lack of interest, or simple dislike, with being pissed off.

  12. Well, I thought that was pretty attractive and I take my hat off to these guys for leaving Interscope. Hopefully others aren’t tempted to compromise themselves too much in lieu of millions of bucks.

  13. DJ Hi Tek has been represented by so many different people at this point that I’m not entirely sure who he is. Using a rationalization for their language based on this character doesn’t really help me feel better about their rationalization.

    I liked them better when they didn’t care what people thought because they were zonked out in a crappy neighborhood rather than not caring what people think because they’re flashing cash and became successful.

  14. Please more explanations why this isn’t what it seems to be, ’cause that’s the gift that keeps on giving.
    Nicely shot, though.

  15. Found my new Ringtone.  “Can you call my mobile?  I’m sitting here at the county commissioner’s meeting..  about to go on.”

  16. Interscope has a point – if a first single requires knowledge of a host of ancillary content to be found meaningful / successfully interpreted it is arguably not the best choice for a first single.  Assuming DA signed with Interscope to reach a larger audience and extend their potential fanbase,  greeting those new fans in medias res, as it were, seems ill conceived.  On the other hand, if DA’s hope was to sign with Interscope so they could sell their new, virgin audience whatever they felt like, sans constraints, they prolly should have looked a little harder at what it is a major label does.

  17. I’m a little surprised Interscope would give a shit – didn’t they have all the best/worst bands of the nineties? Primus, NIN, Manson, etc.. am I old already? Fuck me (in da ass).

    I like this track more than most of the songs on the last album. And concern trolls, it’s not like it’s new news that they’re over-the-top offensive.. listen to “Beat Boy” sometime.. X-D

  18. If you like it, you like it, if you don’t you don’t (see also indifference). That’s fine, everyone has their say.

    What’s annoying (?) … maybe disappointing … is how discussions about such things often seem to descend into whether it should be ALLOWED.

    Take it or leave it.

  19. That was one of the best musical examples of an ironic allegorical parable I’ve ever seen posted on boingBoing.

  20. Maybe if they could incorporate some self made cigar box ukuleles into their act … I bet it would mellow them right the fuck up.

    1. I’m actually just waiting for the first cute, artsy girl and/or guy to do a youtube ukelele version of any of their songs. 

  21. I would argue that taking a hurtful term and using it in an attempt to make it lose it’s meaning not only doesn’t work but makes other groups think it’s okay to use. The N-word is still around despite it’s use by some in the African American community. Meanwhile my own ethnic group, Jews, do not use the K word and you would be hard pressed to find anyone but Neo-nazi groups using the term. 

    I see this more as an attempt to shock American audiences, get publicity, and make money off the kids who will eat it up, ala Eminem and Marilyn Manson.

  22. Look at you! What happened to the people of BoingBoing? I am sure all you middle-aged honkeys “just dont get” Odd Future either and yet when punk happened you were all there.  I honestly cant believe what im reading in these comments. Take a look at yourselves and try to be a little less Ned Flanders and a little more Disco Stu.

  23. I am disgusted!  What’s next?  Rude pelvis shaking?  I tell you, this “Rock and Roll” stuff is going to corrupt our youth!!!!

    1. I am disgusted!  What’s next?  Rude pelvis shaking?

      Hmm.  I was looking for an excuse to post this.

  24. I still have trouble seeing how a guy repeatedly saying that he’s going to fuck you in the ass is homophobic.  Wouldn’t that be like a white supremacist saying “I’m gonna make you listen to James Brown and read James Baldwin!”  Yeah, he uses the word faggot, but I don’t see how that makes it homophobic any more than NWA were racists.

  25. Didn’t like this song so much at first listen because it didn’t have as much rave but it grew on me and now “fok julle naaiers” has become part of my “personal slang”.

    // playing it for the 7th time now

  26. Scary? Check. Gross? Check. Offensive? Check.  Gettin’ people all riled up?  Check!!!

    Mission Accomplished! 

    Is it great art? No, hell no…but. For myself I find it hilarious and fairly interesting. Freedom of speech means people get to say stuff you don’t like…take it or leave it.

    However, if I was having a party, I would hesitate before I invited the members of Die Antwoord. Ninja would undoubtably drink all my booze and start some shit. Yolandi would steal stuff, most likely my coin collection to melt down and make slugs to shoot small, furry animals to make clothing out of. And Hi-Tek? I couldn’t turn my back to that one..not for a second. Heh heh.

  27. Ninja’s post-Gershwin leitmotif was amusing for a while, but seems to have worn a bit thin around the edges. 

    Ready for the next genre, Mr. Jones.

  28. When I saw the “Straight out of Laos” piece in April (post about the hip hop scene in Thailand),  I recall thinking that hip hop music was much improved when performed in a language that I could not understand at all.

  29. Yeah, the first time I saw Ninja I was like, “Fuck this tweaker” but in time I came to see him as a kind of clown.  When you take in all the bad tattoos, the roadkill haircut and the angry faces together it is just too damn ridiculous to take seriously.  The utter tastelessness of it all is too magnificent to be an accident.

    I’m not asking you to like them.  All I ask is that you consider the effort this man has taken in transforming himself into the worlds biggest chav.

  30. Certainly not one of my favorites of theirs (I’m a big Evil Boy, Beat Boy, Rich Bitch, and Enter the Ninja fan), but I’m glad to see some new stuff by them. Can’t wait to see the rest of the album.

  31. I honestly don’t understand why Boing! Boing! endorses such hateful trailer park poseurs, but that’s fine.  Knowing what I know, I don’t have to listen to it.  Die Antwoord is truly awful in every respect.  The warning should have read: If you like tasteful music in any way, don’t watch this video.

  32. Xeni posted this item as a “props to DA for standing up to Interscope.”  I’d have to say I view it the other way ’round.  Props to Interscope for not kowtowing to DA and letting them leave, and not backing down on label demands when DA threatened to jump ship.  Interscope maintains its reputation and can focus its resources on a more deserving prospect.

  33. Yo-Landi is too tiny and cute to pull off that gangsta thing effectively, especially right at the start of the vid when she says “Yo-Landi fokkin’ Visser” and curls her lip a bit. It’s supposed to look threatening, but it just… isn’t. (no offense meant, of course)

    Picture related.

  34. Okay, so I watched the video, and I didn’t have much of an opinion. Not good, not bad, not really my kind of thing anyway, no harm, no foul.

    Which I think makes me one of the lucky ones. When artists are “controversial” in this way, exactly one of two things is true. (I have no idea which one applies to Die Antwoord.)

    1) They’re just following the muse and couldn’t care less whether the audience is pissed (or pleased (or exists)).

    2) They’re doing it for the lulz (and frequently also the benjamins, but always for the lulz). 

    It’s useless to critique or defend type #1. And type #2 has vastly more contempt for its white knights than its haters.

  35. Their offensiveness is what keeps them alive in the media, and with the angry youth trying to pump their fists to some rage music.  We are all here watching them…right?  I personally think they suck, there isn’t one tiny thing I like about them……. but they are doing their job well.  

  36. Yes, those ‘more deserving artists’ like American Idol winners, Limp Bizkit, and whatever the hell Diddy is calling himself this week. 

  37. Wow – we can now, officially, say that punk rock is dead. Or at least the rebellious spirit of the first wave is, replaced by a nervous groupthink distilled from the leavings of the 2004 Democratic primary. FFS, people, Die Antwoord is that brilliant cross between serious and satire that is the ESSENCE of punk! And here’s a whole bunch of haters, talking trash about rap like we’re in a PTA chat room.

    Are they my first choice for music? Not all the time. But it feels like a squadron of helicopter parents flew in here. You know, if you didn’t get this, it’s time to take your satire detector in for a calibration. And work on being less knee-jerk in your outraged defense of put-upon minorities.

    I’m gay, and caught the satire in DJ Hi Tek’s part about halfway through. And started laughing. Loudly. It’s f**king hilarious.

    So, s**tcan the outrage, people. And stop getting so stodgy.

  38. I hate to be a hater — but — the f-bombs and whatnot really don’t put me off.  It’s the quality of the rap.  It’s pretty ancient.  Maybe they’re trying to do retro-rap?  I dunno.  You compare this to the freshness of dubstep and it seems very outdated …

    Like art college kids slumming it in rap … at least the effect/pitch on her voice was interesting … he’s got zero flow, which I guess he was trying to do?

  39. I bet they didn’t ever intend to release this through Interscope.  They’re like a caricature of Hip Hop, right down to the language that has oddly drawn a response here.  They’re not really innovating, they’re just responding to what’s gone before.  And taking it to its logical conclusion.

    I love what they’re doing, and I hope they achieve whatever they’re going for, whether it’s money or prison time or whatever.  But there’s nothing here that makes me want to hear more (or again).

  40. I don’t know why my last comment got nixed. I think they’re stealing ICP’s schtick – the coveted Juggalo demographic. The lyrics are trite. They’re not clever in the slightest bit. It’s like a 13 year old boy learning how to swear. The beats are generic and weak. It’s very forgettable.

  41. Boing Boing had a great post about people who swear a lot are sending a message they  want to be left alone and are very unapproachable. 

    “Fuck” is a publicly owned  brand for anyone who can’t (or are unable) to say what they really feel.

    AT HOME: “There’s this guy named Rick at work who bullies me, he won’t leave me alone and my boss doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it. Rick is  a bully, I’m sure he has  my boss wrapped around his finger too.” (At work they would respond, “Dude, you sound like a pussy, get over it!”)

    AT WORK: “That  mother fucker Rick keeps fuckin with me, he totally fuckin  ruins my fuckin day. I think he fucks our boss in the fuckin ass and now my boss is fuckin me….Fuckers!” (Oh man, that’s fucked up, fuck him.)

  42. Could the Afrikaans word “julle”, derived from Dutch, be a cognate with the word “yall”? Did Dutch speakers in the colonial US introduce “julle” which became “y’all” in Southern dialect? There used to be plenty of Dutch speakers in Charleston and Savannah. Could “julle” have been borrowed into Southern dialect and the notion that it’s a contraction of “you all” be a later justification?

    I have always been a defender of “y’all”. English needs a second person plural pronoun and “y’all” is the best candidate. If we can prove it’s a loan word from Dutch, maybe we can start spelling it ‘yall” with no apostrophe. BTW I hate the idea of AAVE or Ebonics. I’m white and speak Urban Southern as my formal dialect, but my informal dialect is pretty close to AAVE, otherwise known as Ebonics. AAVE, like soul food, is a northern concept. AAVE is almost the same as the dialect of rural white folks, and soul food is what this white boy grew up on when we had a big garden when I was a kid. I loved eating salads and steamed greens all winter. Yup, you can’t grow the salad crops in the summer, but they do fine most winters. Gotta plant your tomatoes in February to have a hope. Heat and bugs will kill them by August first. That’s why there are fried green tomatoes. Okra and peppers are the only crops that yield from late July to mid September

    Thing that bugs me the most is people with a southern accent saying “you guys”. My SIL, who is a technical writer for a major international software company and otherwise has a perfect northeast Texas accent. It was all so charming as I thought my AAVE influenced accent my brother and I used was so much more sophisticated. She pronounced “rat” and “right” almost the same. I could hear the difference with my tuned ear. But when I moved to Virginia they thought I said “rat” and “right” the same way. What? Didn’t they hear the pitch inflections? “Rat” starts high and descends. “Right” starts deeper,  ascends, and ends deep. Neither has a terminal consonant, which probably confuses most white folks away from the Gulf Coast.

    Black folks up north understand my most informal dialect. I was aggressively panhandled to the point of a mugging at the Port Authority first time I ever went to New York, and got out of it by speaking holmes’ language.

    AAVE and Ebonics is a joke.

    1. You’ve discovered a merger like the Pin-Pen Merger.
      In this merger, words that end in -en or -en merge with the vowel in words like pin or Tim. So, for example, my own name, Ben, sounds more like “bin,” and hem sounds a bit like “him.”
      This is another academic term for something you’ll recognize the second you hear it the Cot-Caught Merger.  This is exactly what it sounds like: some dialects merge the sounds in words like cot, lot and Tom with the vowel in caught, paw, and thought.
       Dialects in the Western United states almost always have this merger;
      most dialects in the Eastern half of the US do not (with the exception
      of Northeastern New England).

      So, whereas somebody from New Jersey might pronounce cot and caught as IPA kɑt and kɔt (“caht” and “cawht”), somebody from Los Angeles might pronounce these words as IPA kɑt and kɑt(“caht” and “caht”).

  43. I used to be with it, but then they changed what ‘it’ was.
    Now what I’m with isn’t it, and what’s it seems weird and scary to me.
    And it’ll happen to YOU…
    – Grandpa Simpson

  44. “No matter how skillful you are, you can’t invent a product advantage that doesn’t exist. And if you do, and it’s just a gimmick, it’s going to fall apart anyway.”
    -William Bernbach

    The label caught on and bailed.

  45. I can appreciate that Die Antwoord is OMGsooperINDIE and doing things on their own terms, but I simply can’t watch or listen to anything they put out.  Am I the only one?

  46. well I came here to make fun of those who didn’t get it and then probably state the obvious but I see that’s already been taken care of.
    They are going to fuck you until you love them.

  47. I remember seeing Ninja on deep space station K-7  some time ago , he was involved in a brawl with federation personnel at the bar and he was wearing some weird uniform … weird indeed…

  48. Ok, does anyone here watch The League?  At 3:34, thats clearly de Bobbum man, “he creepy up in the bobbum van, filled with equipmunk for great grief for making at you underneath!”

  49. Thanks for posting this, I really don’t think I would have seen it on ANY video/TV network.  These guys are creepy,. scary, and very challenging to most normal american sensibilities., 

    I would like to see a feature film based around them., and it seems that this is in the works,. they really should get Guillermo del Toro to direct.

  50. Actually, they released another video explaining that DJ Hi Tek is gay and that they’re not homophobic.  As a gay man, I don’t totally agree with them on that, but I think it’s good they addressed it and that Hi Tek came out.  Watch the response here:  FAGGOT

  51. 2 Comments:

    1) For the love of god, buy their album so they can afford some sammitches.

    2) Interscope want them to have a broader appeal? Is this the same Interscope that released a NIN song with the chorus, “I want to fuck you like an animal.”? How many millions did that little album make them? Marilyn Manson? Anyone?

    When  you sign freaks, don’t be suprised when they produce something not main stream.

  52. I tried to like this group. I think that Die Antwoord and ICP are in the same group. They are out there and only appealing to a small group.

  53. I really want to see these two team up w/ ICP – can you just imagine, 
    “Fok Julle Magnets – How do they work?!”

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