Trailer Tuesday: Grand Theft Auto 5

[Video Link] Grand Theft Auto V is likely to come out in late 2012.


  1. Truly, a wonderful thing. I hope it has the length of GTA:SA. GTA IV was great in many ways, but playtime was not one of them.

  2. As far as I can tell from the end of the trailer, it’s actually called “Grand Theft Auto V Five.” Or “Five V,” maybe…

  3. I just hope that it goes further than just hanging out in Los Santos. I mean, I hope it brings the entire state of San Andreas in on this (including San Fiero), seeing as they added “New Jersey” to GTA4.

  4. There’s a rumor that the release date might be hidden in the poster image for the trailer there: “For Sale 2405.” … Previous versions of GTA have released in the spring. Speculation is that this might come out 5/24. That’s a Thursday, and games typically release on a Tuesday, but why let that get in the way of a good story? 

    1. Yeah… but to console my white, suburban self, I’m totally gonna steal my mom’s credit card to buy this one, too.


    1. Is it really that hard to find “no cd” mods and the like for the newer games? I still rock GTA3 on occasion without a cd check to save resources/battery life on the PC.

      Although, I admit, I haven’t played anything further than Vice City (PS2)

      1. “GTA IV PC also requires a number of software installations, including
        Games For Windows, Adobe Flash, Internet Explorer, SecuROM and our
        Rockstar Games Social Club application.”

        All that junk plus an active internet connection for activation and to phone home to Rockstar. No thanks.

        1.  Every time I see how much manpower a game manufacturer diverts to DRM, I’m reminded of Montgomery Scott’s commentary on Trans-Warp Drive: “The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”

  5. GTA has never interested me before.  But I do believe I’ll get me this one.  Looks great, and they’ve nailed the look of the burg I’ve reluctantly called home for the last 20 years.  Rockstar really killed with Red Dead Redemption and (to a slightly lesser extent) L.A. Noire, so even though I fear playing this will feel a little too similar to my weekday commute, I’ll take that chance.  Rockstar’s earned it from me, just as Bethesda has earned my unwillingness to buy Skyrim at launch due to their recent history of buggy launches.  I’ll wait a few months for Skyrim, thanks, until the beta testers… er, that is, early adopters have found most of the bugs.

    As for GTA, I have to ask, is it still mostly about stealing cars?

    1. “As for GTA, I have to ask, is it still mostly about stealing cars?”

      Most of the plots of the last few games revolve around all sorts of other non-automotive crime. But getting from crime to crime mostly involves stealing cars, yes.

      1. Thanks, guys.  It doesn’t surprise me, since every time I accidentally shot my horse in the head in Red Dead Redemption (or had it mauled by a cougar), I confess I skipped the title paperwork when I acquired a new mount.  Similarly, in L.A. Noire, once I’d wrecked my current ride, flashing my badge and commandeering a new set of wheels became embarrassingly habitual.

        I guess Rockstar knows its lightfingered, hotwiring, scofflaw demographic better than we know ourselves.

    2. I wouldn’t say its mostly about stealing cars, but it sticks true to its name of Grand Theft Auto and still involves stealing cars, stealing lots and lots of cars. 

      More than anything that’s just the easiest way to get from one destination to another though.

    3. Stealing cars hasn’t been ‘central’ to the plot since GTA2, generally speaking.

      The act of stealing cars is, I think, just an exercise in psychologically immersing your player. Want players to think criminally? Make them break the law all the time; i.e. before going anywhere, first steal your ride. You want them to experience low grade hostility at their surroundings? Make sure NPC drivers drive badly… and then force the player to move quickly. So on.

      Hearing someone say they don’t like GTA but love games is a little like hearing someone say they love film but can’t stand Scorsese. It’s not an unacceptable position, but it’s pretty surprising.

      The GTA series is, quite arguably, the crowning achievement in video game storytelling. People who spend time crying about GTA from a critical perspective probably also spend a lot of time hating the Yankees. Grouse all you want, but they still win the Series every other year.

      tl;dr I’m a Cardinals fan, too. Buy the game, anyway. It’s going to be fantastic. It *always* is.

    1. I’m guessing they put the ‘five’ around the V to stop morons talking about GTA “vee” , or “Gutav” all the time?

      The Madness of King George was originally titled The Madness of George III, but the producers were worried that Americans wouldn’t want to watch a sequel if they hadn’t seen the first two Mad George films.

  6. If they decided to make the cars handle more like 3 or SA then I’ll buy it, otherwise it can go to hell and I’ll enjoy Saints Row series.

    1. Have you played them back to back?  Playing anything other than IV feels archaic; the physics is laughable.

      When I first picked it up I did think ‘oh, this is a bit different’, but seriously, it’s about 1 million times better.

  7. Can  anyone tell me the name of the tune thats playing? I KNOW it but I am medicated at the mo ,And my recall a’int what it should be!

  8. Yep, and it should be great if you want to play a poorly written movie about the criminal underworld.

    Or you could pick up Saints Row the Third next week, which is actually fun and somehow still better written.

  9. If only I found the GTA series of games as interesting as their trailers.  I found GTA IV to be pretty tedious, honestly.  GTA: Chinatown Wars was much more enjoyable, IMHO.

    1. I’ve played all the GTA’s from start to finish, but I get far more time out of each game just driving around, running people over and generally causing mayhem.  With each release it’s probably an 20:80 split of actual game play and messing about.  I always finish the gameplay though, that’s what gives me the license to mess around.

      I think that GTA:SA gave me the most enjoyment (so much variety for a video game), but GTA IV has probably gotten the most time out of me (and I can’t go back now, I’ve tried and it feels clunky and ooooold).  The glory of the rag doll physics is practically mesmerising – and the bugged swing, well, it can keep me entertained for hours.

      I hope that they put a buggy swing in V.

  10. To truly appreciate the insane levels of detail that go into these games, one must sit down inside GTA IV’s universe and watch its broadcast television.  Really.

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