Movie poster for next Republican debate revealed


  1. Nice. Now if we could just forget all of them and restart that whole government machine, but with a malware blocker this time.

  2. I approve!  “Mittens Romney” and “Philip K. Derp” are nice touches.  (Someone ought to make a photoshop collection of covers for the works of Philip K. Derp.)

    This whole Republican nomination thing has been very entertaining.  I think I might now begin to understand the popularity of professional wrestling.

    1. If you can’t remember the agency, it must not be that evil…

      Unless it’s the NSA!!! [bum bum BUM!]  :)

    1. Sorry, I just meant to comment on the fact that Republicans seem to be doing their best to ignore him and anything he has to say.  At least they let him on the stage this year!

  3. Nice job, though I betcha the client won’t like the wide kerning. :-)

    For large titles, try Trajan.  As they say in the Key Art department, “When in doubt, try Trajan.”  Clients love it. :-)

    Also, a handy free font for movie-poster credits is Steel Tongs.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with what you’ve already got there!)

      1. Additional spacing between letters is tracking, not kerning

        Sorry.  I’m an old phart from the age when adjusting  letterspacing away from the default (determined by the size of the cast type) was called “kerning”, whether it applied to all the letters, or just a single pair – and whether it made the space larger or smaller.

        Historically, it comes from hot-metal cast type, where ascenders and descenders and other funky bits – ‘kerns’, same root as ‘kernel’ – could make the spacing look awkward, and the spacing was adjusted by lining the type up on a ‘kerning stick’ and shaving some width off the shank with a ‘kerning knife’ to bring the characters closer together.

        (You probably knew that;  I’m just expounding for the readers.)

        Eventually, the term came to be used for any adjustment that produced non-standard letter spacing.

        With the advent of digital type, the software makers needed a new term to distinguish between individual pair adjustments and overall letterspacing adjustments, so they decided to call overall adjustments ‘tracking.’

        I grew up using Letraset and PresType for headlines, where *every* character is individually spaced – so, like a lot of old pharts,  I still call getting the character spacing right ‘kerning.’  

        Kids these days and their fancy computers! Harrumph.  :-)

        (BTW, the Wikipedia article is wrong, even by modern standards, when it says that ” Kerning adjusts the letters closer together (negative spacing), tracking adjusts the letters further apart (positive spacing).”  Kerning or tracking both can make the spacing either looser or tighter.)

        Trajan’s semiotics aren’t quite right. Dickian sci-fi is all about the geometric sans.

        Could be.  Clients love Trajan, but clients are often wrong. :-)

        Steel Tongs is cool, but I do believe Univers 39 Ultra Condensed is the classic movie credits font. No substitutes!

        Sure. I was just pointing out Steel Tongs mostly for its shortcuts and dingbats.  I said it was handy; not canonical. :-)

  4. Ok, so now I just want to know what’s the third frikin agency? unless maybe that’s the name of the agency : The Third Agency – a new thriller by Brown/Cussler/Deighton/Follet 

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