The mystery of the Lower Haight's Peacock Lounge


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  1. bob d says:

    I’m assuming the “black” in “Black Masons” refers to African Americans rather than being equivalent to the “black” in “Black Metal.”  Which is slightly disappointing, I must confess.

  2. InsertFingerHere says:

    My eyes.  Hate when interesting content is marred by poor presentation.

  3. Sam Staley says:

    Man, oh man does that blue and orange and white blog hurt my brain… I have a few very found memories of private parties at the Peacock Lounge – I was told by the bar tender that the lounge was a required element by the seller / landlord and possibly the City at the point the hall above opened.  No idea as to validity but wanted to pass it on.

  4. standingstill says:

    I remember years ago when Harvey Sid Fisher was doing a show there and my wife and friend were doing back up vocals for him. He’d gone through his entire suite of astrology songs and was working his way into the lesser known golf songs. When he got to his Mommy Song, about a minute into it the older African American guy who was running the place that night (and suffering through the entire set), just threw up his hands and literally unplugged him. I think he finally just went into the back and waited for everyone to leave. We COULD  NOT  STOP LAUGHING!!! I think it was the line “Mommy you cook good! Mommy you look good! Mommy Mommy Mommy I want you!” that finally did him in. Ah good times, good times.

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