Mrs. Roper Bar Crawl brings 'Three's Company' landlady to the streets of San Francisco

San Francisco's Castro district was recently buzzing with the playful chaos of the Mrs. Roper Bar Crawl. Echoing with cries of "Helen!" the streets were filled with nearly 200 revelers decked out in curly red wigs, and colorful caftans (or are those muumuus?), all in homage to the landlady from "Three's Company."

Adriana Roberts was there and writes:

…many participants cite actress Audra Lindley's portrayal of the brassy older redhead as influential in their younger years. "She was such a wisecracking wit on that show," said Tiffany, visiting with friends from Sacramento to participate in the festivities. "And she was never afraid to put her husband Stanley in his place, especially if he said something bigoted, homophobic, or close-minded."

As would be expected for an event based on a TV character from nearly 50 years ago, Saturday's romp definitely attracted those "of a certain age," but the mostly Gen X crowd was in high spirits, cramming into a string of Castro gay bars, including Hi Tops, Twin Peaks, Midnight Sun, 440 Castro, and The Edge. The staff at The Lookout went especially all-in, re-branding half the space as The Regal Beagle, the fictional bar from the original TV show.

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The photos from the event are a lot of fun!

This particular Mrs. Roper Bar Crawl was organized by Castro stylist Stefano Tarricone for his 54th birthday but, if this sounds like your kind of thing, events like this are popping up all over the place.

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