Watch: deranged tow truck driver attempts to hook moving car in San Francisco

Joanne and her husband were stopped at a red light Tuesday morning, "minding our own business" she told ABC 7, when a yellow tow truck with Specialty Towing markings pulled in front of their 2017 Toyota Corolla. As the light turned green, the tow driver "started in reverse, and all the lights came on" before attempting to hook onto their moving Toyota. A bystander caught the insanity on video, screaming "What the f**k are you doing!"

"We were freaking out. The first instinct was to get away." So they did, speeding off with the deranged tow truck driver giving chase for several blocks.

The couple was able to eventually lose their pursuer and make it home safely.

It's no surprise Specialty Towing resorted to sleazy tactics like this. The company is owned by Abigail Fuentes and Jose Badillo, who were recently charged with felonies for an appalling welfare fraud scheme. While earning over $2 million annually from their predatory towing racket, the couple allegedly lied about their income to improperly receive public benefits like Medi-Cal and CalFresh intended for the truly needy.

As if defrauding social safety nets wasn't low enough, their company is also accused of illegally towing cars from a Portola neighborhood lot without the owner's consent, then shaking down victims for cash-only payments outside of legal hours. City Attorney David Chiu calls their businesses "exploitative" and a "clear pattern of predatory behavior designed to enrich themselves at the expense of the most vulnerable."

Fuentes and Badillo were suspended from receiving any city contracts, but looks like these tow truck vultures are still roaming the streets for victims while cops idly sit by.

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