International human rights community vs SOPA

An enormous, diverse global coalition of press freedom and human rights groups have signed onto a letter (PDF) opposing America's Stop Online Piracy Act, the worst proposed Internet law in the USA's legislative history. Included signatories are as varied as India's Center for Internet and Society, the Church of Sweden, Colombia's Karisma, the UK Open Rights Group, and Reporters Without Borders. The letter itself is a great piece of writing: "This is as unacceptable to the international community as it would be if a foreign country were to impose similar measures on the United States." (Thanks, Alan!)


  1. I think people may be missing the subtle issue at stake here….this isnt really a fight of the government versus human rights. This is one element of the business community representing artists and copyright holders versus another business community representing the Internet’s content providers.  The simple fact is, our Digital Age is no longer working with 20th century copyright and patent law. The two are in conflict. I lean more with the freedom people and Google….we cannot have a world where if someone posts some bits and bytes representing an image or video or text someone claims they own, they will get sued or their website demolished. That wont work. The web will shut down. Yet, copyright holders need protection. I like the idea of copyright media holders having a central portal where all user content is housed and sold as impressions to anyone that wants to post it online on their domains. Instead of yanking content offline, or lawsuits that empower lawyers lets empower users and let them get paid for for every impression of their art and content  online.

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