The Disco Dungeon of Skyrim


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  1. Bubba73 says:

    Exqueeze me while I equip my Glowsticks of Impending Rush.

  2. I will say, in its defense, that Skyrim horse can walk down 80 degree gradients.

  3. Draxlith says:

    Such a good game, I’m actually surprised to see something like this from Skyrim, because this has been (at least for me, on 360) the most bug free Beth launch ever.

    You might include a youtube doubler link if you want the audio synced up –

  4. That Evening Sun says:

    According to the BUZZ on the INTERNET (hereby know as “Internet buzz” or simply “buzz”),  there are some highly pissed off PS3 Skyrim purchasers. Apparently Bethesda’s assurances that the multiple bugs in the game will be patched are falling on the deaf ears of players who are still waiting on patches for the buggy PS3 ports of Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      Actually, there’s only one reason I haven’t bought Skyrim yet.  If the PS3 port of New Vegas was buggy, that implies that it was a faithful port of the 360 version, which stayed unbearably buggy (game-breakingly so, for me) for a couple months after release.  I’m looking forward to playing Skyrim, but I’m happy to let others pay their $60 for the “privilege” of being Bethesda’s beta testers this time around.  Bethesda can have my money once they have a properly-patched product to sell me.

      (Yeah, I know, by most accounts Skyrim isn’t nearly as buggy as New Vegas.  Still, I can wait.  They really pissed me off last time, whether it was mostly Obsidian’s fault or not.)

  5. Disco disco disco! Disco!

  6. Tuff Luke says:

    Yeah, I can definitely add my voice to the pissed off PS3 owners whose glitchy Skyrim has become a brain strain.  I’m honestly floored by the fact that this is occuring.  I purchased the PS3 version because I didn’t think my computer would be able to handle it … and now it turns out my console can’t?  Unfathomable.


  7. kartwaffles says:

    If the bugs bother you, just put a basket on your head. Then you won’t be able to see the bugs.

    • bja009 says:

      That’ll work until someone steals your PS3.

      Of course, you won’t notice that either until somebody runs into you and the basket falls off.

  8. Glen Able says:

    As someone who has done some graphics coding on PS3, hacking away in an attempt to get the performance on a par with the 360, I can assure you this is the sort of thing developers spend half their day looking at.

  9. Heinrich Siauw says:

    trololol. rave time baby

  10. Jerril says:

    Glar. That has got to be an epilepsy trigger.

  11. knoxblox says:

    An awesome sync if you start the audio 8 seconds earlier than the video…

  12. Donald Petersen says:

    That’s no glitch.  It’s a Space Station!

  13. ciacontra says:

    A Bethesda game full of bugs?  Say it ain’t so!

    Anyone remember 2003′s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’?  The game that was supposed to be Sea Dogs 2 until Disney was like “Arr! We’ll give ye a chest of doubloons if’n ye call it Pirates of the Caribbean and release it with our movie, whether it be ready or nay.”  Some epic bugs in that one.

    My personal favorite though was how Call of Cthulu:DCOTE was rushed to X-box, then sortof halfassedly released on PC six months later.  At the very end you have to run down a hallway that’s collapsing Indiana Jones style to escape.  But your run speed was somehow linked to your processor, so that if you had a slower computer you literally ran slower in the game! It was actually impossible for certain people (me included) to beat the game without first cracking it and multiplying the run speed. 

  14. 360 player here, and I haven’t come across one bug yet! (some minor pathfinding/AI stuff, but nothing you don’t see elsewhere).

    Touch wood.

    Seems like I should be glad I don’t have a PS3 though…

  15. Stahlbrand says:

    WTF, why am I listening to Disco at 7am after working nightshift, and why is it catchy?!

    Also, PC player having a great time with Skyrim here — had to jigger my AA settings to fix a texture layer thing, but that was no big deal. 

  16. Rick Francis says:

    I’ll just say this, If you want to play a game of this magnitude and the time and hours that will be spent adventuring in this game.  Then don’t buy it on a stupid lame dubbed down console.  I have a PC and I have spent a lot of money on my PC so I can turn up the graphics as high as they will go to make a game like Skyrim look pretty incredible. 
    I have not had any issues at all with the PC version of the game nothing like I just saw in that video.  I know many of you can’t afford a high end PC. but games like this one demand that they are played on a PC.
    Best game yet from Bethesda, love the game so far.

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