Hiking across the entire Fallout 4 map with VR

With the Fallout TV show turning out to be fairly decent if you ignore the baffling worldbuilding changes, interest in the game series has naturally renewed. Ahead of the next-gen remaster of Fallout 4 (two weeks left!), YouTuber Habie147 has proven his mastery of the last-gen version by physically walking from one side of the sprawling map to the other using a VR setup. There are no controllers involved, meaning every step of the three-day hike through post-apocalyptic Massachusetts was taken using only his real flesh-and-blood legs.

Perhaps most painful of all, however, is the fact that this wasn't done on a treadmill- Habie simply walked between walls of his house, turning 180 degrees in real life and reorienting his character when he hit one. There had to be an easier way.

Still, it's an interesting perspective with which to explore a game where travel like this is often an afterthought. Shrunk down though Fallout 4's version of Massachusetts may be, it's evidently still a pain to actually walk through. Now all he has to do is move to Boston and do it again in real life.

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