Gweek episode 027: We Are All Weird


In this episode of Gweek, I'm joined by Boing Boing's managing editor Rob Beschizza and Seth Godin, an author, entrepreneur, and human wunderkammer.

Here's what we talked about:

The Domino Project: Seth's partnership with Amazon to publish short books loaded with useful ideas

Searching for an adjustable standing desk that doesn't cost a fortune

Test driving the Mitsubishi i electric car

The undiscovered or overlooked or underappreciated work of John Taylor Gatto, education reformer

A wonderful how to book called Handmade Music Factory: The Ultimate Guide to Making Foot-Stompin'-Good Instruments

Penguin Magic Shop: An online magic trick store with good video demos

Sasha Dichter: Reflections on generosity, philanthropy and social change

Collin's Lab: excellent introductory videos to electronics

Bizarro comics

Seth's fondness for buckwheat soba noodles

Bobo Explores Light: A swell iPad app that teaches kids about light

Rising Card: A great $0.99 iPhone magic trick

Kaweco Liliput Ballpoint Pen from JetPens

Sous Vide Turkey for Thanksgiving

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  1. Gweek 28 in the header, Gweek 27 in the picture and download link, which is dead. You don’t have to be that weird! :-)

  2. I would love to see your plans for the adjustable standing desk. I have been trying to make something similar with a platform the can raise/lower on a mechanical wooden scissor lift type thing. I am in Calcutta where we have some great carpenters but scant access to good gears etc.

  3. Mark, about the adjustable standing desk, why not just use a bar stool or some sort of elevated chair when you need to sit down?

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