Gweek 028: The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones


Jon Ronson By Barney PooleIn this episode of Gweek, David and I speak with Jon Ronson, a journalist, documentary filmmaker, and the author of the bestselling books, The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry and The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Jon’s  latest work is a very short book, or long article, available as an ebook, called The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones, which explores the growing phenomenon of real life superheroes.  It’s available as an eBook through Amazon and other online ebooksellers. (Photo of Jon Ronson by Barney Poole)

Here's Jon's descriptions of his interests:

Most of all, I suppose, I write about mysterious worlds. I write about them in as human a way as I can. These worlds have included powerful secret societies like Bohemian Grove and The Bilderberg Group (I infiltrated them in my book Them), extremist communities - Islamic militants, politically correct Klansmen (also in Them), people who believe the world is ruled by 12-foot shape-shifting lizards (Them), and Military Intelligence chiefs who believe it possibe to pass through walls and kill goats just by staring at them (The Men Who Stare At Goats).

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  1. Pheonix Jones had a newsworthy adventure last night.  He witnessed a stabbing and chased the attacker for 8 blocks before catching him and holding for police.  Ironically enough the officer who showed up to arrest the suspect was the same officer who arrested Jones a few weeks ago after he pepper sprayed group during a fight.  I wonder if the officer said thanks.
    Link to article with video:

  2. Thank you Amazon customer reviews… I wont be buying this short essay for $3.00

    If I get a pirate copy… will Phoenix Jones come after me?

    1. $3 for a long and well-written article is a good price. I like this model of compensating writers.

  3. This was an exceptional episode. I agree with Buddy, I could listen to Jon talk about the subject all day long. What a great guest! Over the past few episodes Gweek has become the podcast I look most forward to hearing. Thank you for the excellent work.

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