Gweek 028: The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones


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  1. igpajo says:

    Pheonix Jones had a newsworthy adventure last night.  He witnessed a stabbing and chased the attacker for 8 blocks before catching him and holding for police.  Ironically enough the officer who showed up to arrest the suspect was the same officer who arrested Jones a few weeks ago after he pepper sprayed group during a fight.  I wonder if the officer said thanks.
    Link to article with video:

  2. CSBD says:

    Thank you Amazon customer reviews… I wont be buying this short essay for $3.00

    If I get a pirate copy… will Phoenix Jones come after me?

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    Listening now and enjoying it a lot.

    Jon Ronson has been on This American Life, yah?

  4. Wow I could listen to Jon talk about this all day!  Thanks for the interview!  Gweek has been really good lately.

  5. geopet says:

    This was an exceptional episode. I agree with Buddy, I could listen to Jon talk about the subject all day long. What a great guest! Over the past few episodes Gweek has become the podcast I look most forward to hearing. Thank you for the excellent work.

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