MAFIAAFire team's latest browser plugin beats the national firewalls of Britain, USA, and China


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  1. we_the_people324 says:

    You know, if this law passes, they can go after people devising tools to circumvent the new sopa/protect ip rules. That means mozilla and or whoever developed this plugin, could get a nice little visit from the feds.

    I find that quite offensive, and big-brotherish to say the least.

    • MAFIAAFire says:

      They can go after Mozilla and we wouldn’t grudge Mozilla one bit for abiding by the law (no matter how corrupt it is) but as for us:
      We will host the plugins on our own website
      Tell any “feds” that may come knocking on our door to go suck an egg… because we are not in the US nor have to abide by US laws.

      We are just getting started…

      (Also, thanks BB for running our humble plugin on your site for the 2nd time!)

      • Andrew Singleton says:

        No. Thank /you/ guys for helping rout around potential network damage.

        I don’t do the whole illegal/torrenting thing (up till a couple months back I was ona slow connection that would’ve made it impractical.) However measures being put on the floor right now are offensive and downright dangerous. I endorse/respect any effort to make those proposed changes non-issues.

      • SedanChair says:

        You guys are kings, keep battling

      • we_the_people324 says:

        That’s the spirit! i was thinking that you prob are not us based. Keep on fighting the good fight.

        The internet and peoples ideas evolve too fast for them to even have a chance at having affective blocking anyway, there will always be ways around these totalitarian measures.

        Just sucks we have to deal with it in “democratic” America.

      • You’re our Last, Best Hope. We love you guys. Best of luck and keep us informed. <3

      • user4574 says:

        Fucking this^. Love it! Now that’s an attitude I fully support.

        Keep up the awesome work guys!

    • ahecht says:

      That would probably be a decent outcome, as the Feds going after Mozilla would give them the perfect opportunity (with the help of the EFF, ACLU, etc) to challenge unconstitutional censorship laws in court.

      • Quothz says:

        Today’s courts are more concerned with party ideology than with the law, and justice doesn’t even make the chart.

  2. ScytheNoire says:

    You cannot stop progress. If you cut off one head, the Hydra will grow three more. Adapt to technology or become obsolete and die off. It’s the same story, just more corrupt players than ever before.

  3. caseyd says:

    Mozilla has been visited by the Feds since before it was Mozilla.

  4. Andrew Clausen says:

    Wow, I had heard it was easy to circumvent, but it goes down with a simple proxy?  It’s like these congresspeople don’t even know a single thing about the internet or the people who live on it.

    Personaly I’d be willing to pay $10-$20 dollars a month if it let me enjoy an hour or two of legal movies/tv shows/music per night as long as the media was of an acceptable quality and  the service also had a decent selection.  Netfliks is great but the online selection is awful, I’d be more willing to do Amazon Prime or whatever Apple is doing if the selection was better as well.  You know I could go with a premium service like Dish or Mediacom, but since I’m a full time student I really can’t contract with them because I move around too much and their no-contract rates are ridiculous, I seriously cannot do $80+ a month (plus the service is shotty at best).

  5. Sean Currie says:

    Where can we donate?

  6. robdobbs says:

    Y’know, This is great but what I needs is a way to get around my work’s firewall. 

  7. Guest says:

    Note that MAFIAAFire’s developer has this note on the Mozilla download page:

    “Kindly do not download till we fix a bug in the code.
    We will update this message and take out the warning once the bug has been fixed.”

    • MAFIAAFire says:

      That note is unfortunately cached there :(
      We removed the note but a lot of people are still seeing it, as Mozilla updates it’s cache it should be good to go.

      Unfortunately there does seem to be a bug if you use the plugin to do google searches, fortunately it works flawlessly when used to hop over ISP/national blocks and censorship.

  8. urbanspaceman says:

    Now, I wonder what Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin or Albert Camus would have to say about all this?

    And have you also noticed that a lot of unauthorized download sites contain long-out-of-print materials which their original publishers could reissue (which would make them money) instead of siccing lawyers on 14-year-olds (which costs quite a bit so I’m told)?

  9. yopdiesel says:

    Works great in China ! Thanks MAFIAAFire !

  10. benher says:

    So… I can finally watch all those Hulu videos linked from BB?

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