Can Lego be considered art?


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  1. Why would this even be a contentious issue? The Mona Lisa’s still art, despite it being made out of paint.

  2. seyo says:

    I’ll settle this once and for all: legos can be used to make art, just like anything else in the universe can. That is all. Also, the White Stripes video using legos to make stop motion animations is brilliant, and it too is art. There once was a time when moving pictures (film, video, etc) weren’t considered art, and those days are long gone.

    • marilove says:

      I too thought of that White Stripes video!  One of their best.  I miss them.  Their videos were always stellar pieces of art.

  3. Zoran Ivancic says: another artist that sometimes uses LEGO. Presented LEGO work at Biennale at Venice

  4. Jon Thompson says:

    This is a silly, and very old, discussion. Do a search for Dadaism, Marcel Duchamp, and Readymades.

    Art itself is not a serious artistic medium. Thinking of it as such is an attempt to box in that which cannot be boxed- human creativity.

  5. andyhavens says:

    Lego art is art. [being dad pride] My son made a Lego t-shirt ferris wheel for Think Geek contest… and won! One part of the prize was an original, signed Sawaya, which is now in our living room and is awesome.

    Video of said shirt is here:

    [/dad pride]

  6. CP-S says:

    I feel like lego art is art in exactly the same way Origami is art. You start with a mostly standardized product in both cases (bricks of various sizes, shapes, and colors; paper of various sizes, shapes, and colors) and create something artistic by putting the standardized products together in physically/intellectually/emotionally affecting ways. Like @twitter-9437802:disqus said–look at Readymades!

  7. lvdata says:

    Lego is not art. A pixel is not art. You need a LOT of legoS to make art. Lego is just a building block to make great artwork.

  8. Terry Border says:

    Anything can be art. Is it any good? That’s the real question. The answer is- probably not, with some exceptions.

  9. Dimmer says:

    Well, the heck with you lvdata: lego is as versatile and innovative as any other medium we’ve thought up/shat out our asses and smeared on canvas. Lego is art as soon as we say it is, just like every other thing.

    • flosofl says:

      Did you even read what he (or she… hell I don’t know) said? He (or she) said Lego is the MEDIUM through which art is produced.

      Are you so ready for an argument you have to invent one?

    • lvdata says:

      It was more that lego is singular and legos are plural, and a excuse to make a bad pun.

  10. Palomino says:

    No, but it’s a great meme right now. 

  11. benher says:

    Years ago at the University of Minnesota, there was an exhibit called “Absence Present” (I think that was the title) focusing on modern day reactions to the holocaust. 

    One enterprising artist constructed lego death camps, including ludicrously detailed boxes and instruction manuals. 
    The piece was controversial not only because of the unpleasantness of the holocaust in general, but because people were upset about the inclusion of a “Children’s toy” in the show… 
    This was before the lego figures had a myriad of expressions and there was something especially unsettling about the grinning guards, plastic skeletons, and grey torture rooms. 
    It generated more reaction and response from the audience than many of the oil paintings or other “traditional” mediums in the show. 

    Saying Lego isn’t a valid medium of expression is obviously absurd. 
    I enjoy Lego art as much as the Minecraft, Machina, cupcakes, and cross stich mediums o that show up on BB with regularly. 

    Who are these “some people claim[ing]” this isn’t so? 

  12. Ant says:

    Everything can be art! ;)

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