Donald Trump was "basically inert" as he "slumped" and "leaned" in court again today, says MSNBC (video)

Surprise, surprise. After another long night of rage-posting, Donald Trump reportedly again nodded off this morning just one hour after entering the courtroom.

"Trump is struggling to stay awake," wrote Susanne Craig of The New York Times. "His eyes were closed for a short period." And to get the snoozing ex-president's attention: "He was jolted awake when Todd Blanche, his lawyer, nudged him while sliding a note in front of him."

In fact, the indicted ex-president was more than just cat-napping. "From where I was sitting, he seemed basically inert," reported MSNBC's Rachel Maddow (see video below).

"He kind of slumped his shoulders, and was kind of [like], 'I'm a slumped-shoulders person," she said, imitating him by bending forward like a collapsed rag doll.

"At times, when [former National Enquirer publisher] Mr. Pecker was testifying, I noted that he was kind of leaning heavily on the desk. There were times when he leaned from one side to the other," Maddow continued, sounding similar to those who reported him tilting over last week in front of the judge. Maddow then veered from describing his slumberous behavior to detail his frail appearance.

"I would say that he seems thinner than I have seen him in the past. He seems considerably older, and he seems annoyed — resigned, maybe angry. He seems like a man who's miserable to be here," she said.

And to sum it up: "He seemed old and tired and mad." In other words, there was nothing much new to report about Trump this morning.