Marjorie Taylor Greene helps Democrats with new MAGA attack: voters are "done with the Republican party" (video)

Marjorie Taylor Greene continues her fierce diatribe against Speaker Mike Johnson and hence her own party, telling Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast that Republican voters are "absolutely done" with the GOP.

"They're done with the Republican party. They're absolutely done with Republican leadership like Mike Johnson, who totally sold us out to the Democrats!" Georgia's delusional lawmaker said, accusing Speaker Johnson — who on Saturday voted with Democrats and some Republicans to pass the foreign aid bill — of abandoning MAGA.

He "betrayed everyone, betrayed the entire Republican party, betrayed Republican voters, betrayed the Republican conference," Moscow Marge continued, she herself betraying the Republican party — and the U.S. — with her fury over Johnson's vote to protect Ukraine and the rest of the free world from the likes of fascist Russia.

"And voters? Voters are so angry this time that I'm really worried … they're so angry, they're not going to give us the majority back in 2025." In reality, MAGA voters aren't angry over Johnson's vote — most don't even understand it. They're just angry for anger's sake. And will only be angry at Johnson if Donald Trump tells them to be angry at Johnson, which he hasn't done, at least not yet. But go ahead, Empty G. — your outrage toward MAGA leadership during an election year is a winning strategy — for the Democrats, that is. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)