Derek Kirk Kim's Same Difference: slacker Korean-American kids come of age in the Bay Area

By Cory Doctorow

FirstSecond has just re-released Derek Kirk Kim's Same Difference, his Ignatz, Harvey and Eisner award-winning indie comic from his early career. The FirstSecond edition is absolutely gorgeous, with a transparent plastic dustjacket printed with bug-eyed goldfish that swim through the cover-art.

Same Difference is the story of Korean-American 20-something slackers in San Francisco who wrestle with the stereotypes and ambitions that they feel guide their lives. It has the feel of vintage Douglas Coupland, a drifting ennui shot through with moments of human warmth and connection. And though it's a quick read, it leaves a lasting emotional coal smouldering in its wake.

Same Difference

Published 6:22 am Wed, Dec 7, 2011

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4 Responses to “Derek Kirk Kim's Same Difference: slacker Korean-American kids come of age in the Bay Area”

  1. Zirta says:

    I love this story. It’s one of the first webcomics I ever read, and I feel like a proud aunt everytime I hear good news about it :-)

  2. Tom Howard says:

    About time!

  3. lecti says:

    I remember this – it was pretty good!

  4. catchyname says:

    look what he´s doing right now:
    written by derek, illustrated by les mcclaine(from chapter 11 on).
    great webcomic, can´t wait how the story will turn out….

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