Hilary Clinton tells world leaders, "hands off the Internet"; US government prepares its own censorship regime


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  1. flowergardenslayer says:

    Only a year?  They got off light, the Secret Service raided Steve Jackson Games in the 80s, and didn’t return much if anything for years. I think they finally appologized 20 years later. (Or not)


  2. Trent Baker says:

    I wonder if you could use SOPA to take down the Entertainment Industries websites.

    • GregS says:

      No, because the authorities administering the law would probably reject complaints against them out of hand. Laws like SOPA are not exercised objectively and dispassionately. The bureaucrats administering SOPA will know perfectly well what organizations are supposed to benefit from it and won’t take any action against them. These laws only get applied to people or organizations that don’t have political connections.

  3. librtee_dot_com says:

    The irony, it burns like chlamydia. 

    Here’s a question…if they did this a year ago, why do they need some new law? I mean, they are already grabbing domains willy nilly..what’s the point of more legislation?

    • GregS says:

      It’s because right now they actually have to go to court and make a case for seizing the domain. Which requires at least some evidence and is somewhat time consuming.  SOPA will turn this into a bureaucratic process that requires no judicial oversight, making it far easier to block access to websites.

  4. Vnend says:

    So, what would the civil penalties be for falsely swearing an affidavit that got this ball rolling?  Too bad no prosecutor would be willing to file RICO charges against the RIAA…

  5. SedanChair says:

    Well, this is the same Hilary who droned on about freedom of expression as a silent protester was assaulted and dragged away in front of her…


  6. mccrum says:

    Otter: He can’t do that to our pledges. Boon: Only *we* can do that to our pledges!

  7. GregS says:

    I’m not surprised to read this. My rule of thumb, after observing the Obama administration for the past three years, is that when they come out in favor of something, they do exactly the opposite. It’s entirely in character for them to push for massive powers of censorship over the Internet and to then trot out Mrs. Clinton to defend an uncensored Internet.

  8. Dan Allard says:

    This is the ‘some animals are more equal than others’ bit that Orwell wrote about, right?

  9. Interesting, government attempts to internationally regulate the internet for the interests of corporations rather than step up regulatation of corporations’ IRL trafficking.

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