Senior Eurocrat praises the net


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  1. Genre Slur says:

    This makes me a little happy.

  2. em says:

    On Monday Neelie Kroes is holding a press conference in Brussels together with former German Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg about freedom and the internet:

    Guttenberg “accidentally” copied a vast of passages from external sources into his dissertation without citation.

    We’re excited about his role in the press conference.

  3. Jim Saul says:

    She’s talking about Paranoid Linux, isn’t she? :-)

  4. It’d be proper to refer to Neelie as “Neelie Kroes, the soon to be Ex-Vice-President of the European Commission …”

    You really think the MAFIAA would let a politician keep their posts after publicly saying something they don’t like?

    • Plut0 says:

      Well… she also got away with fining big corporations like microsoft for their monopoly position.

      • Well giving corporations a mild slap on the wrist is kind of different then standing in the way of the copytotalitarian steamroller. The MAFIAA has amply demonstrated it’s gonna screw anything and anybody to get what it wants, devil may care. They’re perfectly willing to wreck human rights, freedom of speech, democracy, economies, the internet and pretty much everything. Unfortunate obstacles like Neelie in the way will just be cleared one way or another.

  5. Brits really don’t seem to like the EU – even when they are fighting for things that Cory supports they’re still derogatorily referred to as “Eurocrats”.

    • That’s still a good way to depict the European Commission. The commissioners have extremely broad executive powers on a lot of subjects most of the time they are able to bypass the Parliament, without a single one of them having been elected.

  6. Another one sees the light, not a moment too soon. Now she only has to convince her colleagues, then the Court of Justice. Long way to go.

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