Disney princesses with a Hot Topic filter


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  1. CountZero says:

    Neat, Disney Suicide Girls, my favourite.

  2. difascio says:

    Yeah, I believe I stumbled this the other day.  I don’t understand how people can mess up 2 completely different subcultures.  I mean, I know some hardcore and thrash bands have crossed over (DRI, Corrosion of Conformity, Circle Jerks, Anti-Nowhere League) but it’s really simple to find out the genre/fashion style of a certain culture when you have the internetz at your fingertips instead of assuming.  Or maybe I’m just getting old and bitter.  It’s probably the latter.  :(

    • Madzia says:

      ” it’s really simple to find out the genre/fashion style of a certain culture when you have the internetz at your fingertips instead of assuming.  ” I don’t think it’s as easy as you say. Many subcultures share attributes  and the lines are drawn finely between them- and they’re usually defined several times over by members of those subcultures. Tattoos, piercings, black lipstick, unnatural hair colours… that’s what I see when I look at those pictures and I can’t tell beyond that. If you’re into it, you probably discern subtle clues that allow you to pinpoint the subculture, but it’s not as easy as googling. You have to have prior knowledge.

      It’s kind of like birdwatching. Is it a nightingale, or a thrush? Beats me, it’s a bird.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      Yeah.  God knows nobody would ever own both Iron Maiden and Flogging Molly t-shirts.

      • difascio says:

        Yeah, god knows I was only referring to the t-shirts…

        • Donald Petersen says:

          Were you referring to improper tattoos and/or piercings?  or just the fact that some subcultures may have been improperly umbrellaed under “punk” in the post?

          For a second there it seemed like you might be bent outta shape that tattooed Alice wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a ‘tallica shirt.

  3. Carmina says:

    I believe it is from http://aloadai.tumblr.com/ but I was only able to find the Ariel post: http://aloadai.tumblr.com/post/13767701791/click-for-color-if-you-want-to-repost-the-color

  4. Veronica Beaty says:

    Original Tumblr is here:  http://princessesgonewild.tumblr.com/

  5. Brainspore says:

    I know she’s technically not a princess, but Alice (and the cat she hangs out with) has been straddling the two subcultures for a while now. Sadly that Burton movie kind of ruined her for both sides.

    So, anybody wanna take a crack at turning the Suicide Girls into Disney Princesses?

  6. digi_owl says:

    Love the contrast of the alice band and the tattoos.

  7. Mister44 says:

    I like it – but -10pt on the Rammstein shirt, and not going with the old school KMFDM.

  8. Amphigorey says:

    Prince Beast is pretty hot with that earring.

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