Everyday Swedes take over management of nation's Twitter account


13 Responses to “Everyday Swedes take over management of nation's Twitter account”

  1. benher says:

    1 vote for genius.

  2. William Gordon says:

    I don’t mind trucker lesbians, so long as they’re coffee-drinking trucker lesbians. 

    And who knew MC Paul Barman made it to Sweden?

  3. Just_Ok says:

    And boingboing should turn over editing to everyday readers.

  4. frijole says:

    +1 for genius move.

    I followed @sweden:twitter , so its clearly working :p

  5. Moriarty says:

    Oh, I see, so they’re pre-vetted everyday Swedes. That makes it a lot more reasonable, but also a lot less interesting than what I initially thought, that they would just be picking people at random.

  6. Sxe says:

    I’d love the same process to happen with @Canada… sadly the account is orphaned by a benevolent holder who can’t seem to put it into the appropriate hands! Perhaps the BoingBoing exposure will help.

  7. Michael W. says:

    I can’t wait ’til it’s Lizbeth Salander’s turn and she posts all that damning confidential information exposing rampant misogyny in the  Swedish tourism agency. 

  8. jschunter says:

    “the ever-present possibility that someone will do something absolutely insane while acting in an official capacity.”

    Isn’t this what we already experience in daily politics anyway..? ;-)

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