Chocolate hat of the day

Photo: Aly Song, with Reuters


  1. I like to think that, although they’re not usually posted, every day does actually have its own distinctive chocolate hat.

  2. What are those, Chinese ritual bronzes re-cast in chocolate? I could swear that I saw something like that at the National Palace Museum outside of Taipei, though no one was wearing them on their head.

  3. That’s nothing, you should see my chocolate underwear.

    Well. . . it’s not really *chocolate* per se . . . or at least it sure doesn’t taste like chocolate. . . .

  4. I can just imagine some weird shaved-headed judge with thick framed glasses with no lenses criticising this model for the way she stands while making no mention of how she’s wearing clothing that is seconds away from melting into a puddle of brown liquid under the studio lights.

    This is what weird rich people to do with the money they should be donating to worthy charities.

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