Righthaven domain sells for $3300


9 Responses to “Righthaven domain sells for $3300”

  1. Stonewalker says:

    Delicious justice.

  2. corydodt says:

    > redirect it at humorously-chosen sites

    Hey, that idea was my comment! :) I can’t blame you for not wanting to drop 2 grand on a joke.

  3. Mordicai says:

    So the BoingBoing counter-troll-troll threshold is around $2000.  Good to know.

  4. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    I am hoping whoever bought it will turn it into a clearing house of information for people targeted by copyright trolls shaking people down with just an IP Address, like Marc Randazza…
    Yes even someone noted for being a big first amendment protector, and suing Righthaven for abusing copyright to extort payments, is in the business of shaking people down with threats and cheap scare tactics.

  5. noah django says:

    the final nail in the coffin is always the most satisfying.

  6. semiotix says:

    it got a bit too racy for us around the $2k mark

    Oh, for crying out loud. Sell a few steampunk ukuleles if you have to. 

    EDIT: I was just kidding, but for reference, many if not most of these jerks’ creditors would be the people who sold them paper clips or contracted to empty their wastebaskets. In other words, completely innocent bystanders. Obviously that’s the risk you take when you extend business-to-business credit, but it wouldn’t be an evil act to buy something sold at this kind of auction, no matter how evil the business.

    • Richard_Kirk says:

      There is a difference between cutting off the head of your slain enemy and keeping it on a pike; and bidding for the same head put up on Ebay by the relatives of the enemy . 

      The funds go to creditors of the bankrupt firm, which tried — and failed — to build a business shaking down websites. If BB can get the site for a tiny sum, everyone laughs with us. Beyond a thousand, and they start laughing at us. Good call.

    • Thing is, the money goes to people who did business with Righthaven. Better they stay stiffed.

  7. Jersey Hiker says:

    If I had money/wasn’t mired in student debt, I would have purchased it and used it as a media aggregate for open source/copyleft/etc. Then again, I’m posting this on a site that already does that sort of thing…so yeah

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