Burning Man meets Dr Seuss: "Oh the Places You'll Go at Burning Man!"

Papabear2010 sez, "Based on Dr. Seuss's final book before his death, this is a story about life's ups and downs, told by the people of Burning Man 2011. Combining the stunning visuals of Burning Man and its population with the haunting, silly, thought provoking words of Dr. Seuss." Dawww, this is just lovely.

Oh, the Places You'll Go at Burning Man!


  1. I LOVE THIS. I LOVE THIS. I LOVE THIS. Thank you for putting a grin on my face in the middle of a tough coupla days.

    ==Addendum== The more I think about it, the more I realize that this video captures Burning Man better than anything else I’ve seen. And the production values are top-notch. This video took a lot of work. Kudos and great appreciation to the production team.

  2. It is with dawning horror that I realize that “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” is part of most of those beautiful people’s *childhoods*. No previous generation could have read it with quite the depth of affection that comes with that.

    1. In that case you may not understand what Burning Man IS….

      Create your world as you go along.  Accept everything – especially yourself.

    2. @boingboing-1955e8e4b921fee964169846cf97d4bb:disqus

      Your humility is beautiful.  Now get your beautiful, humble ass out there and have fun!

    3. It’s not so much the physical beauty I’d worry about, but more all the positivity among the beautiful souls there–as a bitter curmudgeon I don’t think I’d be into that aspect of the scene (like R. Crumb among the hippies), even though I could see going just for the cool art projects, and maybe the potential for an interesting psychedelic experience or two. Maybe I’m just stereotyping though, there’d probably be at least a few other cynical creeps in a crowd that big!

      1. As you poo-poo the real you, the Grinch was a curmudgeon, and beautiful too, so stop smudgeon your you.

        1. Well, the Grinch was more entertaining before his heart grew three sizes…but anyway I’m not out to destroy anyone else’s fun, so I’m more Oscar the Grouch or Statler & Waldorf than Grinch. Does “real you” mean you think negativity is only skin-deep while a positive attitude is more authentic to a person’s true self? If so, let me link to another comic I read recently

      2. I’d say don’t let this portrait fool you, there’s plenty of grumps out there. And that’s a good thing. All the “welcome home, I love you” crap is better off at a Rainbow Gathering in my opinion.

        Remember, you’re just watching people read a few lines into a camera. Its not like they’re skipping around the entire event. Thank god.

      3. There is certainly, at least in the eyes of many (including myself) too much positivity at Burning Man. It can get caustic if that’s all you see and experience all the time. The trick is finding the right vibe that works for you. I can assure you that there is a place for nearly anyone to have a good time there. There are some things that harder to find, others easier, but among all the really bright hippy fawning, and swooning you can find circles of the dark, creepy, misanthropic and/or hilarious curmudgeonly assholes that make up some of my best friends at burning man and in life. I put together a video from my experiences at Death Guild at burning man 2011 and if it does nothing else, it shows that it is possible to enjoy a week out there without being CONSUMED by dubstep and tie-dye. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ;-)

        In fact, as much as I enjoy my own circle of misanthropic cohorts out there, you will find that those pockets of positivity can explode with awesomeness. Like that time I ran out of water deep into the desert and found some palm trees and couches in the emptiness. I was thinking about how thirsty I was when someone came up to me with a huge grin and handed the best iced Crappuccino money couldn’t buy from the Starfuckers Oasis. That person was my new best friend.

      1. Stop thinking you can only wear a skirt if it has a manly name and a practical function and you’ll be much better off. I personally rock the living shit out of my long and very strappy camouflage ravers’ skirt made by UFO, and last I checked, my XY chromosomes left the Playa with me.


  3. That was so beautiful!  I teared up.  Such artistic people, speaking the lines with so much sincerity and affection.  Just lovely.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Something about burning man videos.. this is another that brought me to tears..

    2. A dear friend showed me this today, knowing I’ve been going through some tough times, and it made me cry like a baby, but in a good way, and it rejuvenated my spirit.

    1. He’s sort of a burning man celebrity.  He has a lot of useful tips videos on youtube for how to survive the place.  Plus, he’s just awesome.

  4. Is there something wrong with me ? I hated this ! I felt like it was a pre-movie ad that would torture me at the cinema. Yay Dr.Seuss ! But Nay semi-nude primped out hippie ravers ! And the soundtrack (cringe). Not for me.

    1. maybe it’s just that your bias against the people telling the story was stronger than your love of the original author. So yes, the problem is probably with you, but that doesn’t make you a bad person.

    2. It just means you probably shouldn’t ever go to Burning Man. There are plenty of people who wouldn’t enjoy it, and that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them. But by the same token, just because it’s not a place you would enjoy doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with it, either.

  5. I liked Burn2 in second life – the closest I’ll get to the real thing. Best to go when it’s not too crowded tho – the lag was just too hard. The advantage to Burn2 is the graphics, and it doesn’t matter if you fall off something!

  6. Great.  Just what Burning Man needs, on the eve of the debut of this year’s experimental, lottery-style ticketing scheme…an infomercial…

  7. Hipsters co-opt yet another of Americas beloved memories for their own want.
    Hipsters disguise themselves as non-conformist outsiders, using their external appearance as a means to express their perceived individuality. Hipsters play dress-up, and their costume is ‘unique individual’.

    They organize and co-opt by feeding on subcultures like ‘white trash’ rednecks (belt buckles, The Great Trucker Hat Debacle of Aught-Three), the geeks and dorks (awkward eyeglasses, bad haircuts), and the ever popular class-slumming trend of pretending you’re poor (ripped clothing, Salvation Army scavenging). A studded bracelet for the headbangers, sneakers from the skaters, fixed gear bicycles and shoulder bags from the bike messangers….A Hipsters trendlust knows no bounds. These vampires feed until the ironic novelty is drained away, until they have devalued the things which were once important signifiers to the original subcultures. They seek, consume, and destroy.

    Hipsters need to manufacture their rebellion, because underneath all that cheap signaling, they are indescribably NORMAL. Isn’t that sad? Doesn’t that explain your savage desire to drive wooden stakes through their impossibly thin t-shirts?

    1. You sound kind of like a conservative raving about smug liberal elites–it seems like you have some fixed mental image of hipsters wearing these clothes because they want to prove how superior they are to all the plebes around them and look down their nose at them, but have you ever actually been socially acquainted with any hipsters? A lot of ’em are nice people who don’t have any particular attitude of superiority, just like in any other subculture that has a distinctive clothing style (hippies, goths, punks etc.)

    2. Hey, didn’t you hear? Hating hipsters is the new in thing! You’re trendy now, with you hatred of hipsters! SO DARING…

      Seriously, do your own thing, and stop giving a shit about other people’s lack of creativity. I don’t like what hip-hop has become, but you don’t see me firing off screeds about the Thugg Lyfe and all that.

      I mean, did somebody steal your girlfriend while riding a fixie or something?

    3. This might have some weight if your comments indicated you had any experience of the event at all.

      1. Unfortunately went. Many supporters of Burning Man defend the event as fervently as Tom Cruise defends Scientology. Anyone that is critical simply does not “get it.” My friend Tim responded in kind to a BM supporter when he replied “Is it possible I got it, but ‘it’ actually sucks ass?”

  8. That’s the cutest, sweetest thing I’ve seen in quite some time.  And they all obviously had so much fun doing it.  How could anyone (with the possible exception of the Grinch and others with hearts too small) watch that and not end up with a big goofy grin on their face?  Bwwwaaaa…. :-)

    1. Ooh, I know, I know– it’s because watching a self-congratulatory group of wealthy white hipsters getting even more attention for what amounts to masturbatory navel-gazing is about as appealing as watching my dog lick its own ass. He’s just as self-satisfied, and probably smells about just as good….
      I guess my heart is tiny, but if that means being really, really, really, really, really irritated by Burning Man, that’s OK by me…..

      1. Well, Burning Man may not be as exciting as sitting at home on Saturday night watching your dog lick its ass and commenting about it, but not everyone can have sophisticated tastes.

        Personally, you couldn’t pay me to go to BM, but I can’t understand why anyone would get themselves into such a froth about it. As to wealthy, everyone that I’ve known who’s gone has been a student or in a one-step-up-from-crap job.

      2. If it all has the same appeal, may I suggest watching your dog lick its balls and sparing the rest of us your commentary?  

        It’s better for your blood pressure, and for those of us who enjoy watching people have fun and do interesting things.  

  9. A treat to the eye and a kick to the brain,
    inspirational reading  from a dry dusty plain.
    But alas in the end, like so many things these days…
    Not PG enough for my little ones at play.

    1. Can I ask why?  Is it the near-nakedness of a few of the people?  There’s no violence, no bad language, no cruelty, no sexual activity….what’s offensive in the video?

        1. That’s all I can think of, too.  It’s funny, because my immediate reaction to the video was “my kids are going to love this”.

  10. I must add this video  near it..  you know.. to make a nice video shrubbery path.  “Home” 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQPQn9TLpPY  Thanks for the excellent post.

  11. For years when people that haven’t been before asked me: “What is Burning man like?”  

    I would say: “Imagine if  Dr. Seuss had directed Mad Max”.  

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to see this : )

  12. I’ve gone to Burning Man a bunch of times. The people who mock it are always people who haven’t gone. Quit trying to stereotype the kind of people you think you attend. Everyone is welcome and appreciated, so long as they aren’t assholes, such as the people who mock it.  Seriously, why be turned off about an environment of radical self-expression and tolerance, two things severely lacking in the default world, and which you won’t realize how much you value until you get to experience them?

    P.S. No, it is not a money making machine. No sponsors, no advertisements or vendors, and the finances are very public.  

    1. Hey now, some of my favorite burners are assholes!  They’re welcome too.

      Though I do always wonder about the ones that bitch and moan about Burning Man online.  If you don’t want to go, we’re not going to lose sleep over it, so please stay home.

  13. Good lord this is good. Beautifully conceived, gorgeously executed.

    I’m amazed they pulled it off. From my experience, at least 90% of all projects that someone intends to do on the playa, as opposed to beforehand, don’t get done. And this was done so amazingly well.

  14. This sounds awfully Internet-meta but did Boing-Boing Slashdot Youtube?  When I try to follow the link it doesn’t come up.  The embedded video works, but not the link.

  15. To attend burning man you need time and money. I’ve had time… and I’ve had money… but I’ve never had time and money. Burners kind of remind me of the college students I knew who had traveled the world (not including those who had grants or scholarships), and didn’t understand why everyone hadn’t. 

  16. Let me get this straight, because I just woke up and maybe I’m missing something…

    …but there are people out there who read, daily, a blog all about the adventures and interests of west coast thirty-somethings who are obsessed with nerd culture, weird music, old Disney crap and banana hangers and some of these people think they’re not, themselves, hipsters?

    (and then they pen long angry rants about others not hipster-ing properly)

    Oh the places these comments go.

  17. Don’t see what the fuss is all about: this looks like any average high population density area of my home planet Palain VII.  I even see some emmfozing going on at the 5:00 mark.  What planet is this by the way?  It’s hard to tell from this 2D rendering, which can only really be extrapolated into 3D, if all of these beings are of the same species since it’s even harder to go from that extrapolation to their actual 4D forms.  There only seem to be two sexes though: very odd.

  18. I was planning to find fault here, to be snarky about Burning Man and the appropriation of  the Doctor. But then I watched the video, so I have nothing critical to say.

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