Time-lapse video of lab-grown snowflakes


3 Responses to “Time-lapse video of lab-grown snowflakes”

  1. Stefan Jones says:

    Just as long as they don’t try to make duplicate snowflakes. This would violate the laws of the universe and tear the earth into subatomic particles.

  2. Mujokan says:

    Everything is distorted feedback.

  3. danegeld says:

    I met Libbrecht once, he’s an interesting character, he runs part of the LIGO interferometer and is in a chairman position at CalTech. (His wife is in charge of some tanks of nuclear waste at the Hanford site. The whole ground there is contaminated with radioactive waste, such that any running surface water is a hazard. They have toilets that incinerate your effluent rather than risk running water pipes that could burst….) apparently he was also the roommate of the guy who made DriveSpace back in the day when we cared about 640K and MS-DOS 6.22. – apparently that guy sold it to MicroSoft for a couple of hundred mil. Right before storage became cheap and disk compression irrelevant…

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