Inside NASA's Venus machine


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  1. Max Pinton says:

    Nifty. One idea that doesn’t seem to get much play but seems brilliant to me is sending a probe or even people to Venus’s upper atmosphere. It turns out there’s a zone with Earth-like pressures and temperatures where air could be used like a balloon to stay aloft.

    • But to get back out of the atmosphere of Venus you would still need a vehicle like the space shuttle or a falcon heavy. And before that you would need to deliver your launch vehicle undamaged to your working altitude. Big launch vehicles (ie, not an apollo LM ascent stage) are delicate machines and currently they can’t just be chucked into the atmospheres of earth sized planets with the expectation that they will Just Work.

  2. mtdna says:

    Yay! Venus is an awesome and weird place that deserves more attention. I think the only close-up surface images are a handful taken by Soviet landers in the 1970s and 80s. Check these out:

  3. John says:

    curious as to what materials they will use to line the inside of the chamber?

  4. BonzoDog1 says:

    I wish they would find an ancient Venusian city, the last remnant of society suicide by runaway greenhouse effects from pollution.

  5. Nadreck says:

    This will all end in tears!  I just know that the Venus probe will go berserk, burst out of it’s testing chamber and wreck havoc until some passing superhero can deal with it.

  6. Gabriel Meister says:

    Man, it’s like a SAUNA in here…

  7. David Carroll says:

    Was the chamber’s shape sponsored by 4chan? ;)

  8. We were briefed on this by a Fowler Schocken rep

  9. Snig says:

    I was initially thinking it might be like this:
    Hope they label it to avoid others having similar confusion.

  10. Listener43 says:

    Bah – the Venerians are nothing to fear. Who do you think is stopping the Russians from getting to Mars?

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