EFF to ask for sanctions against copyright trolling astrologers


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  1. Ramone says:

    I recall a couple of years ago when Major League Baseball tried to assert that they owned the stats to baseball games. That too failed miserably: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20060808/1850214.shtml

  2. Abe Lincoln says:

    What do you expect from idiots that still think the earth is the center of the solar system?

  3. If astrology actually worked they would have seen this coming.

  4. Melted Crayons says:

    Once again, EFF saves our (the internet community’s) ass.  Please consider supporting EFF with a donation!

  5. Bubba73 says:

    In the weeks to come you may suffer a legal paddling.

  6. proginoskes says:

    Aside from the obvious issue of non-copyrightable facts, did they really think the thousands of entities (vendors, programmers) who actively choose to use this timezone db to avoid communications chaos would let anything bad happen to it?

  7. Chris Mitchell says:

    Since “facts” are not copyrightable, does this mean that I can copy the Encylopaedia Britannica – which contains facts – and distribute it without fear of breaching copyright legislation?

    • Val Dobson says:

      Yes, Chris, you can copy and distribute facts.  What you cannot co is to copy and distribute the format.   So if a book has an article on Einstein, with biographic information, you can copy that information but not reproduce the whole article.  That’s basic copyright law.
      (Chris, I know you’re intelligent – please think before you write.)

  8. Joe in Australia says:

    US copyright law isn’t universal. In Australia and (I think) the UK copyright exists in things like phone directories, even though they are just collections of facts and even if the format and presentation is altered. Of course, in this case the plaintiffs were apparently seeking damages under US law, and I think it would be quite right for their lawyers to be sanctioned.

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