Makerbot playsets: free, downloadable 3D files for dollhouses, dolls and accessories

MakerBot has announced "MakerBot Playsets," a series of freely downloadable dollhouses, furnishings and dolls for your 3D printer. Whip up as pieces as needed, on demand, and amaze the wee ones (and compulsive hoarders) in your life.

MakerBot’s own design superstar Michael “Skimbal” Curry, creator of such Thingiverse megahits as the Turtle Shell Racers and Gothic Cathedral playset, starts the ball rolling by architecting a pair of MakerBot Playset buildings. Introducing two new Thingiverse superstars: Cushwa and PrettyLittleThings are doing a tremendous job furnishing these playsets with their imaginations.1

So without further ado, straight from the soundstage backlot of Annelise’s Replicator music video, The Right Heart, we present you with the MakerBot Fairytale Castle Playset and the Damsels!

The collection has to be seen to be believed.

Introducing the MakerBot Playsets: MakerBot Fairytale Castle


    1. Based on some of the stuff I’ve seen, probably 3+, but I think most manufacturers who ran it past their lawyer would give it a 5+.

      Truthfully, you’re going to just have to figure out if your kid knows not to put things this small in their mouth or not.  You know, like most things you make in your own home for the kids to play with.

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