David Cronenberg on Freud's weird chair


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  1. doug rogers says:

    That chair has a very feminine silhouette.

  2. lavardera says:

    Hmm. Reminds me of this task chair made in Sweden:

  3. AA says:

    For some reason, it vaguely reminds me of something like an Inkas statue or even some cycladic art figurines

  4. fr4nk says:

    Sony Pictures, MPAA member studio.

    Sorry, not going to watch it, ever.

    Looks like a sweet chair in which to get some work done, though.

  5. Oriana says:

    Reminds me of a photo I saw at the Alberta Art Gallery titled something along the lines of “The Subconscious Impressions of Freud” which was a close up of the cracks in his chair’s seat.  I thought it was quite clever.  Unfortunately, I cannot find it to link it.

  6. junglephysicians says:

    Good interview the other day with Cronenberg:

  7. rattypilgrim says:

    Someone needs a hug.

  8. Sheila Dong says:

    I hope this chair didn’t give him penis envy.

  9. raikou says:

    I would not have seen this chair as phallic, but then I read the word “Freud” and there it was.

  10. Snarf says:

    Can we please get to read that Cronenberg interview from the print bOING bOING ?

  11. Brent Kirkham says:

    Cronenberg isn’t allowed to call anyone or anything weird.  Unusual, possibly, but not weird.  

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