New Righthaven offers hosting service "with a spine"


8 Responses to “New Righthaven offers hosting service "with a spine"”

  1. CryoAnon says:

    The original Righthaven guys will be so pissed right now xD

  2. coop says:

    It’s funny that clicking on the link “a satirical letter to Hollywood lobbyist Chris Dodd” here, or the blog page on their site so you can see the letter, brings you to a login page.

    I wish them the best anyway. ;-)

  3. corydodt says:


    This makes me happy.

  4. Marko Raos says:

    lol, newsflash – “USA’s information industry fires a bullet in its brain with “war on piracy”. At the same time, the dastardly Swiss take advantage of resulting confusion to declare themselves “The Swiss info bankers of the 21st century. We ask no questions nor answer any, as always.”
    A clear case of national economic suicide if I ever saw one.

  5. Kommkast says:

    Looks like I finally have a place to host my photography site. :D

  6. asymort says:

    My favorite provider (unrelated, as they are storage only) has had a “spine” since 2005, with their warrant canary.

    Also located in Zurich, I note…

  7. BlackPanda says:

    Warrant canary. That’s brilliant.

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