Popeye meets Wilco in hand-drawn cartoon music video


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  1. Skibbedee-dee, a-skibbedee-dee… ah ga-ga-ga-ga-ga! ah ga-ga-ga-ga-ga! 

    Ow, right in the age :(

  2. devophill says:

    Good stuff. I never listened to Wilco before Nels Cline joined the group,  it seems like the music would be kind of bland without his distorted guitar hot sauce poured over it.

  3. millie fink says:

    I love wimmens who dance like that. Elbows and knees!

  4. Angryjim says:

    Seriously?? you got a fashion designer to direct a cartoon? I admire the idea but the animation is terrible. They are going for “Fleischer Brothers”, but they obviously don’t understand what makes “Fleischer Brothers” good.

  5. crummett says:

    They were doing Popeye cartoons in the 80s? Wow, I lost track of him in the 60s.

  6. Eryq Ouithaqueue says:

    ^ Haters gonna hate. 

    I grew up on those cartoons and I thought it was fun.

  7. Egypt Urnash says:

    I admire this in concept but as an animator with a serious love for the old Fleischer shorts, I’m afraid all I could see was what they got wrong.

    I may be biased given that I did a couple scenes in the Fleischeriffic video for ‘The Ghost Of Stephen Foster’. Which was a total labor of love for everyone involved.

    • Angryjim says:

      Yeah! this one looks great!! They shoulda hired you!! I would have thought that was period animation if I didnt know better! 
       I swear.  there are really talented people out there, but I think people these days think things should be cheap and easy.. and they get what they pay for.

      • Egypt Urnash says:

        hahaha thanks! Everyone involved in the Stephen Foster video loved the old stuff. One of the co-directors used to work on ‘Twisted Tales of Felix”, my buddy Gabe did a really loving guide for how to organize thick and thin lines in the cleanup, and the thing was actually shot on cels despite it being cheaper to do it digitally.

        It also went way over budget and over deadline, and I don’t think it ever showed up on MTV at all like it was originally supposed to. (This was back when MTV still had SOME relevance.)

    • JontKopeck says:

      Self promotion should be frowned upon, but I tend to agree with you.

      • OtherMichael says:

        Say wha—? You’re saying this on BoingBoing, one of the foremost proponents of DIY-from-top-to-bottom-to-making-to-marketing-to-delivery that there is?

        Don’t hide your light under a bushel, man. You may have invented a better ukelele-trap, but your next-door-neighbor is not going to beat the drum to your door.

        Mr Urnash — I never heard of him.


    • hypnosifl says:

      Yeah, this was great! I love the old Fleischer cartoons and you guys really captured the spirit of them here.

  8. Pickleschlitz says:

    That animation is beyond primitive. Nothing like the Fleischer cartoons.

  9. JontKopeck says:

    Yeah truly stank. Someone must have had a cousin…

  10. Angryjim says:

    and I love how that “about how the video came to be” tells nothing about how it came to be. It sounds like it’s introducing popeye to people who know nothing about him. The lack of creativity and original thought is giving me a pounding headache. It sounds like the nothing speak of one of those fake placeholder websites.

  11. Dan Mozgai says:

    Cartoon Mike Jorgensen!

  12. bibulb says:

    Tangentially related : Check out Wilco’s Nick Lowe cover and collaboration. Awesome. 
    (disclaimer : I think classic Nick Lowe is the bee’s knees.)

  13. Pickleschlitz says:

    I’m not a huge fan of retro cartoons. The closest you can get is almost as good as a classic cartoon. I’d rather see old animation techniques applied to contemporary situations than modern animation cheats used to illustrate old gags.

  14. dunkyboy says:

    wow, I LOVE wilco, but that was horrible…..

  15. estragon_nyc says:

    I’m sad to say this appears to be one more example of King Features not being able to tell the difference between good Popeye material and bad Popeye material.  I’m sure there are people there whose love for the character is sincere, but bad choices keep getting made.

  16. I would expect a video for a popular band with licensed characters that had a director, designer, storyboard artist, two animation directors, and who knows how many actual animators wouldn’t look like a simple Flash animation run through After Effects’ “old timey” filter. A friend of mine made a very similar video a few years ago that was all the more impressive considering that he made it alone and without any budget.

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