Test-tube chandeliers, named for Marie Curie


9 Responses to “Test-tube chandeliers, named for Marie Curie”

  1. GeekMan says:

    It’s a very beautiful series of tubes.

    …. sorry.

  2. orwell says:

    that’ll be fun to clean…

  3. EH says:

    Should be 88 tubes total.

  4. jerryeast says:

    For some reason, it’s unappealing to me. Perhaps it’s the bland concentric brown/gold circles or the way the secondary clump of test tubes is hanging limp beneath the primary circle of test tubes. Repurposing is usually nice, but this repurposed thing didn’t turn out too well. At least, that’s my opinion.

  5. Sekino says:

    I’d like it better if it had an LED in each of the tubes instead of one big bulb… Or maybe some sort of phosphorescent liquid (not radium) :D

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