Test-tube chandeliers, named for Marie Curie

Named for Marie Curie, this line of Maria S.C. chandeliers from Poland's Gangdesign uses test-tubes as pendants that can be planted with sprigs or flowers. Here's the sell-copy, Google Translated from Polish to English:

This chandelier is made of tubes. It consists of two modules of different sizes, which can occur together or separately. Shape refers to the traditional forms of Art Deco, and the name is an allusion to the person of Maria Sklodowska Curie. "Maria" gives a wide field for the visual experiment. Version of the reel allows free lowering "Maria" to change the arrangement.

Maria SC. (via Craft)


  1. For some reason, it’s unappealing to me. Perhaps it’s the bland concentric brown/gold circles or the way the secondary clump of test tubes is hanging limp beneath the primary circle of test tubes. Repurposing is usually nice, but this repurposed thing didn’t turn out too well. At least, that’s my opinion.

  2. I’d like it better if it had an LED in each of the tubes instead of one big bulb… Or maybe some sort of phosphorescent liquid (not radium) :D

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