Three Tibetan herders burn themselves alive in protest

The crisis among ethnic Tibetans in Sichuan Province continues: "three livestock herders set themselves on fire to protest what they saw as political and religious repression at the hands of the Chinese authorities," reports the New York Times, bringing the total number of such self-immolations over the past year to 19, "an unprecedented wave of self-inflicted violence among the tiny ethnic minority in China."


  1. Why do we continue to do ANY business with this thuggish country? Bring it ALL back home!  The Chinese leadership is no better than Assad.  Would that they could all be carried away to hell in fiery chariots

    1. I am sure some cynical people can point out the faults the US has, and suggests China doesn’t do biz. with us. But that won’t happen. We don’t want to pay several times more for goods while the rest of the world does not.  It is unrealistic.

    2.  it’s a bunch of Japanese, Korean and other corporations that set up shop there. You don’t want to go through the legal issues of selectively banning products sold by companies from allied countries because they outsource some of their production.

      Plus how long would the US last without electronics while the corporations set up shop somewhere else?

  2. Because you cannot afford to not do business with China.

    Why does the US do business with other repressive countries?

    Ask a Palestinian if they suffer  “political and religious repression at the hands of the Israeli”.    And the US has provided much of their military might which bloodies your hands as well.  Most of the world sees the US as the thugs you claim the Chinese to be.

  3. I just can not fathom HOW ones lights themselves on fire. I can get suicide bombers – but to go up in flames… WTF???

    1.  Yeah.  Seriously hardcore stuff.  Personally, though, if I’m going to die a horrible death, I wanna take a few of the bastards _with_ me!

  4. The Chinese wish they were America – The Americans wish they were China. Maybe we should just get drunk together one night and see what happens.

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