HOWTO make fairies in a jar


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  1. THIS IS A PHOTOSHOP. For the love of god it was bad enough when it was going around on Pinterest, now it’s showing up here. 

  2. RJ says:

    HOWTO make a fairy slop jar.

  3. err … what sort of glow stick?  The sort they sell at fairgrounds or the sort you break to get emergency lighting?

    • Donald Petersen says:

      I take it you can just cut the ends off of regular plastic glowsticks (emergency kind or fun kind, shouldn’t make a difference), and pour out the stuff within without breaking the glass ampoule of hydrogen peroxide.  And when you’re ready to turn on the glow, add the hydrogen peroxide, shake, and enjoy.

  4. eldritch says:

    What about cleanup? Should you wash the jar, or are the chemicals bad for water systems and you should just toss the whole thing?

    • grs says:

      What chemicals are in a glow sticks?

      The glow light is made of two parts which when mixed
      together create the chemical reaction which makes them glow.

      4 g sodium carbonate

      0.2 g luminol

      0.5 g ammonium carbonate

      0.4 g copper sulfate pentahydrate

      approx. 1 litre of distilled water.

      50 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

      Ammonium carbonate is a salt used in baking. Copper sulfate is used in ponds to clear algae and weeds. The little bit in that one glowstick doesn’t amount to much.

  5. grs says:

    Seems like a good time to link to these sun jars:

    And go with the tracing paper. You need a ton of that art store glass etching cream to do a decent job.

  6. O_phuk says:

    We tried this at home.  As for the glow sticks, your mileage will vary.  One type was much
    brighter than another.  Overall, however, the effect was underwhelming in real life.

  7. Guest says:

    uses LEDs instead of glowstick goo. 

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