15 Responses to “KILL ACTA”

  1. Mujokan says:

    TPP is the worst, then SOPA, then ACTA.

  2. EH says:

    i haven’t seen anything but a blurb yesterday about harry reid bringing forth yet another bill. Hoax?

  3. Graysmith says:

    This is really great. I’d been wanting to write my MEPs but I didn’t really know what to write since I don’t know the ins and outs of ACTA by heart. Emails sent.

  4. Zig says:

    Letter sent and personalized.
    Oh and to anyone else personalizing their submission I suggest placing it before the form text if you include that as well (I did). Just in case the recipients get deluged with these. I’d assume that any text added beneath the form letter text would never be seen.

    As always, thank you, Cory, for keeping folks informed about the copyfight and the ongoing war to keep the bloody internet open and uncensored.

    • Cowicide says:

      This is great.  Love how easy it is to just put in your email address and click the button.  This should REALLY hit them hard.  Thanks, Cory!!!

  5. Rider says:

    I received a wonderful canned response from senator about TPP.  He totally ignored my concerns then went on and on about it will help small business in America.

  6. benher says:

    For artists and creators in Japan, many of whom build their careers on parodies of existing work, it has dire implications. So much of the “Heisei” culture of Japan has sprung to life from the Internet… TPP will make things like Niconico, Hatsune Miku, Doujinshi (books and goods made by fans based on other otaku culture) and other creative collaborations impossible. 

    All so the oligarchs can have a few more gold plated SUVs. Slay this thing in it’s sleep.

  7. I am continually disgusted, though no longer surprised, by the slimy tactics corporations will use to push their narrow agendas. It’s time and well past time to directly limit corporate influence over democracy.

  8. NEIL says:

    Sorry looks like our Govt here in New Zealand already did it….sell out that is

  9. Hey – the ACTA sites and forms you recommend get errors from my web security appliance as being a site that distributes worms, etc.  Did it get hacked?


  10. DewiMorgan says:

    Form doesn’t seem to check and give an error if there’s a blank email field – they might be getting a bunch of emails with no return email.

  11. ScottSwain says:

    Obama signed ACTA :-(

  12. davismirza says:

    So did Harper…and that pompous petro-czar now wants to pass Bill C-11 to criminalize dissent on the Internet  Here is an anti C-11 Petition link:

    Send a letter link, too! (read below) :

    Subject: Stop Online Spying
    Attn: Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson
    Attn: Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    Attn: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews

    We oppose mandatory Internet surveillance. This scheme is poorly thought out, costly, and will leave our personal information less secure. Unchecked mass surveillance is a breach of our fundamental right to privacy.

    ps: another tar sands free zone

  13. HAYARDIN PUTRA says:

    nice article…i like this..

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