34-foot tower of books about Abe Lincoln


21 Responses to “34-foot tower of books about Abe Lincoln”

  1. jaytkay says:

    …features about 6,800 books representing over 15,000 titles…

    How does that work?

  2. Eccentric Genius says:

      No human being would stack books like this. – P. Venkman

  3. gokid says:

    Wonder if Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter made the cut…

  4. BDiamond says:

    Dear BoingBoing,

    I feel I must protest the continued posting of book torture-porn that plagues this blog.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sgt Major Leftenant Bruce B. Biggleworth (deceased)

  5. MrEricSir says:

    How many of them are more historically accurate than Billo’s book?

  6. grimc says:

    When I scroll most of the top off the screen, I can see a Dalek made of books. EDUCATE! EDUCATE!

  7. Rob Hobson says:

    Wonderful. I’ll just have a quick glance through this title at the very bottom… OH MY GOD NO!!!!

    In tonight’s news, local man buried in horrific Lincoln knowledge-search bookslide. And here’s Sam with the weather. 

  8. parhelion says:

    Yes, but is a book about Lincoln’s doctor’s dog in there?

  9. wrecksdart says:

    Can I get a list of the ISBNs in that pile?

  10. teapot says:

    This is the ultimate bibliophiles’ version of ‘guess how many jelly beans are in this jar?’

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