Help Spider and Jeanne Robinson's daughter fight cancer

Terri Luanna DaSilva is the daughter of science fiction writers Spider and Jeanne Robinson. Readers will remember that Jeanne died of cancer in 2010. Now the family has been visited by cancer again: Terri has Stage IV metastatic breast cancer -- and a two-year-old daughter. She's fighting it, and Spider is asking his fans and friends to send her good wishes, read her excellent blog, and help cover her expenses.


  1. Stage IV metastatic means it’s started spreading to the rest of the body. Such cancers are very, very hard to fight off. My prayers go out to them.

  2. There are some extremely promising new cancer-fighting technologies on the horizon.  She just needs to fight a little while longer.

  3. Every time I see these calls for funds to cover medical expenses or legal fees a creeping horror grips me.

    Where I live, medical treatment is a right. Justice is a right. I grew up taking them for granted. Such direct evidence that a society can decide to distribute the right to live and the right to justice according to our individual financial means reminds me that my society may one day go that way. It fills me with a very personal and specific dread of the future, and a sadness for the state of our world.

    My thoughts are with you. I just wish my tax money could be too.

  4. My 13 year old daughter is in the middle of kicking the ass of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and the stack of paper that’s come from our insurance company since it all started in October is horrifying.   Seriously, we’re talking about a stack several inches tall.

    I have good health coverage through work.  If I did not we would be on the hook for several hundred thousand dollars.  Here’s a fun* (and very inexact) breakdown for purely illustrative purposes:Hospital charges $300,000 to insuranceInsurance pays $100,000 and passes on $2,000 to us as our responsibilityThe other $188,000 is just written off ;)So, Either it didn’t really cost the hospital that much to provide the services, or it’s being offset by the incredibly high amounts they bill to insurance companies who deny a large part of it, which results in….sigh.* Not actually fun at all.

  5. Not again. I guess this is why people believe in god. So they have someone to blame for shit like this. Love to Terri, her husband and daughter, and especially to Spider. I hope sharing the pain makes it less, even if only a little

  6. My hopes and prayers go to them.
    I just wish I could send them a National Health Service too – Illness is bad enough without personally providing profit for corporations on top.

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