Miniature bee-drones made from pop-up-book-style fabrication


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  1. jere7my says:

    You need to fix your close-italics tag after “Thanks, Gmoke!” It’s got two slashes.

  2. ackpht says:

    Brilliant. This could allow economical, mass-produced micromechanical devices. It will be interesting to see the applications- cleaning out your arteries, helping you find your keys, or homing in on your individual pheromones to kill you.

  3. All right, I’ll say it…

    I, for one, welcome our new monolithic bee overlords!

  4. awesome idea, would be cooler if they chose a machine that could actually work fully after manufacture; like basic little walkers. looks like they still need external power though so guess it dosent really matter either way.

    disappointed without a final shot of at least a few dozen of them moving around at once…

  5. christopherweitz says:

    Enjoy the i Ching hexagram at 0:52

  6. Kimmo says:

    A shame they couldn’t work out the origami necessary to reproduce an authentic insect wing motion…

    But as proof of concept, this is way cool. The vid was nice and informative, but it allowed me to think this jigger was three times bigger until it was nearly done… then I was like, wow.

    I can’t wait to see a useful microrobot. Wonder how durable they’d be.

  7. Sam Feinson says:

    Miniature flying robots easily produced on a massive scale. This can only end well.

  8. timquinn says:

    Coming soon; monkeys fly from your ass !

  9. Annnd, to add to the troll-irony here: this project is, of course, the one that Fox’s Sean Hannity put at the very top of his list of the “102 worst ways the government is spending your tax dollars”.

  10. noah django says:

    >mobee=monolithic bee

    “lith” means “stone.”  every definition of “monolith” or “monolithic” except one contains the word “large.”

    then, out of nowhere:  “Electronics: (of a solid-state circuit) composed of active and passive components formed in a single chip.”

    seriously, electronics people?  wtf?

  11. Djawa Papandayan says:

    whether the is automated.,? or use the remote.,? These are candidates for the scientists

  12. Anytime I see something like this, the most recent cool “gee-whiz” thingie of the month, I can’t help but wonder….if this is what is publicly available, can you imagine what the Pentagon has still under wraps?

  13. jer says:

    The song in the background is Bonobo’s “D Song”, by the way.

  14. SavvyTennisBalls says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this interested in parallelograms before.

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