Gweek 040: My Friend Dahmer


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  1. Terry Border says:

    I look forward to listening to this later. The Dahmer thing looks great.
    As far as the recommendations, Terry Richardson seems like a sleazebag from what I’ve read (and seen). How he stays so popular within the fashion industry is beyond me, although said industry doesn’t exist for the welfare of the models. That’s for sure.

    • serfer0 says:

      Ugh, yes, this. I don’t get the whole Terry Richardson thing, either.  Is he supposed to be some sort of ironic ‘sleazy nudie photog?’ Are we still doing ironic? File under “Why do people like American Apparel and other coked-up Williamsburg douchebag crap.”
      BUT! I will listen to the episode with an open mind.

      • penguinchris says:

         Some of the clothes are ridiculous (though hot, in a sleazy way, on the right girl) but the more basic stuff American Apparel makes is pretty good. Good quality, made in LA, good style (if very hipster-LA).

        Terry Richardson is definitely a major douchey sleazebag, no argument there, but while it may help with marketing the sleazy photography (which is not as easy as it looks, I’ll have you know as an amateur photographer) is not the reason people like their clothes.

        • serfer0 says:

          Idk, I think you might have a higher tolerance for sleaze and fad than I. I wouldn’t give money to Dov Charney to perpetuate his personal and business sleaze steamroller no matter how comfy that American-made shirt is.

    • geth says:

      I don’t get his popularity, or why his “diary” is so great. It’s pretty much his photos of half-naked young models (something that is available in abundance everywhere) and photos of himself with his Super Famous Friends making their sexy pose face. 

  2. something about those comic book pictures triggered a memory in me of a cartoon I used to see at my cousins house. I think it was called CAR toons or something like that…had to do with cars and california car culture…ring any bells?

    • mongo says:

      Yep.  From DC comics even.  There were two comics as I recall.  CarToons and another on drag racing, too.

      That’s where we had the sagas of the MOPARs vs. the FOMOCOs.  

      I remember one with a Charger or somesuch that was rigged with a high suspension. The dramatic conclusion was as the car went out of control in the race as it became airborne.

  3. Robert says:

    See? There *is* an entity whose legs don’t go all the way to the ground!

  4. I have to say: Terry Richardson is a scumbag. His photos are derivative and have only celebrity cameos and shock appeal to go on. Plus he’s probably the skeeziest person in the world.

  5. Bill Cox says:

    I’m a big fan of Derf’s art. I picked up this page at Ghengis Con in Cleveland a few years back: 

  6. Rev.Veggie.Spam says:

    Not that Maddie isn’t cool (she is very cool) but I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug my wife’s site here:

    Just to say that this pets-on-things isn’t exactly new but it’s surprisingly still a lot of fun. =:D

    (Edit for grammar)

  7. penguinchris says:

     I’ve been looking forward to the Dahmer book since it was mentioned on Gweek a while back (I think Ruben had an advance copy?). I don’t read many comics (though listening to Gweek has resulted in a big wish list) but will definitely be picking up a copy of this as it sounds fascinating.

  8. Stephan says:

    I love Terry Richardson.
    He doesnt give a f… which is a great quality in a human being.

  9. devophill says:

    What was the Morse code? I must know.

  10. Smart E Pantz says:

    Mark:  Listening to this episode was particularly frustrating.  Not having anything to do with the content, but with the form–specifically, Ruben Bolling’s feed.  As he was speaking to Derf, every few seconds his voice would drop out for a few seconds so as to make it really difficult to catch all that he was saying, because big chunks of his speech are just not there.  It wasn’t just this episode; it seems to be almost every episode he’s been on, and it’s consistently/almost exclusively Ruben’s feed.   It’s jarring and it has the potential to make me give up on this podcast.  What is the deal?  His equipment?  His provider?  I gotta believe that you have noticed this and are not happy with it.  But I can’t believe that nothing can be done about this.

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