Repo Man director urges fans to "pirate a bunch of my stuff right away"


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  1. The_Sixth_Sedge says:

    This is a moral dilemma! D: I don’t know what to do!

    • Ambiguity says:

       Bummer — it’s not a dilemma for me.

      Repo Man is actually one of the handful of DVDs that I do already own.

      It’s not that I pirate a lot of movies — I don’t. It’s just that I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, so instead of spending all my time complaining about the MPAA (which seems to be the Internet sport du jore), I just more-or-less refuse to consume their product.

      It creates surprisingly little hardship!

  2. Tony says:

    Let’s go download movies, and then not pay!

  3. Tor Lillqvist says:

    And since when is it only the director who owns copyright to a film? What about all the other people who participated in the creation of the work who might get royalties from sales through legal channels? Sheesh.

  4. Sam Cooper says:

    Challenge accepted. This dude’s made some dope films, and now I’ll enjoy them again. Cheers, Alex Cox.

  5. “Let’s go eat some sushi and do crimes!”

  6. So he’s involved in the creation of the UK BD, but then tells people to go pirate it rather than, say, import it? Hm.

  7. He can’t be serious. If he was, there’d be a torrent link. Too bad. :(

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      Yes but that would be illegal, or at least it would incur heavy actions against anyone hosting those links.

      Besides. you know Search-Fu do you not

      • andygates says:

         Let’s test that out.  Voila, Repo Man: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b637be50ad87fe942d74b1a990200a00b9307045&dn=Repo+Man%5B1984%5D+-+Movie+%26+Soundtrack&

        (man, that is one ugly link)

        Big Entertainment?  Come at me bro.

        • Andrew Singleton says:

          Aaand if SOPA were in place (or some of those other laws/treaties/whatever that’s been making the rounds) were/going to be/are in place this site would then be blacklisted/have finances cut in that country.

          Which nicely illustrates why it’s a terrible idea since between the time link is posted and a mod gets around to removing it somebody could get their panties in a bunch, file to have your site branded as evil child murdering pirate haven and that’d be the end of that.

        • JammitTimmaj says:

          Sowing the seeds…

  8. scatterfingers says:

    I wish these guys would set up a tip jar or something so if I were theoretically to pirate one of their works, I could compensate them somehow.

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      Quite. Even if nothing illegal is being done having a way to directly pay the directors/writers/whoever we happen to like (while leaving a notewhy money is being handed out) I would be all for it.

  9. Nawel says:

    I like the jar tip idea. Now if you excuse me, I have some torrent search to do. I rented Repo Man back in the day (in VHS!). I could have copied it then I guess. Ah well…

  10. irksome says:

    Now I feel guilty for owning the DVD.

    The line “There’s one in every car; you’ll see” inspired me to hang a pine-cone air freshener from the handlebar of my motorcycle oh so very long ago.

    • penguinchris says:

       Yeah I was going to say – whoops, I bought the DVD a few years ago. I’ll have to download the BluRay next time I want to watch it (it’s one of a handful of films I like to make people I get to know watch), that’ll show em’.

    • Bad Juju says:

      Heh. You too?  (the motorcycle part)

  11. Kevin B says:

    He better watch it because sometimes people just explode!

  12. Mark Lyon says:

    It’s available for free streaming through Amazon Prime: 

  13. thuxley says:

    Wish someone would do that with Walker (1987):

  14. Ambiguity says:

    I don’t know if this is really on-topic or off, but folks should check out the Screenplay for the Repo Man “sequel,” Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday. Alan Cox has posted it on-line, and it’s a fun read.

  15. 10xor01 says:

    “Let’s go do some crimes”

  16. Dave Jenkins says:

    “They don’t buy movies in Russia, it’s all free.”
    “What are you, some sort of Communist?  Cause I don’t allow Communists in my car.  And no Christians!”

  17. Cox is a great director, he also made the TV-edit of Repo Man highly amusing, replacing every instance of “motherf****r” with “melon farmer”.

  18. philipbarrett says:

    Repo Man is ALWAYS intense

  19. photodawg says:

    Why not just purchase the Canadian BD version ? I have many BD films issued in Canada before they were available in the USA. There are at least hundreds available on E-bay. I just can’t bring myself to download movies or music, unless it is explicitly marked as FREE. Otherwise, it is just plain, stealing. There is no rationalization that changes that fact.

  20. hugh crawford says:

    “Now they want to have longer copyright periods because they say the young artists are relying on this money. The young artists never see any money because they sign away that money to big media corporations, like Universal and Viacom. ”
    Not to take sides one way or another, but in most industries , signing away that possible future money is what the artists are getting paid for when they sign the contract. If there are no rights to sell , then the artists can’t sell them.

    Retroactively giving extra rights to the current rights holders seems pretty unreasonable. Imagine how far you would get with legislation awarding a free second car to all current car owners at the manufacturers expense.

  21. William says:

    He’s not completely insane, but his repeating his assertion that the film Repo Men was somehow trading on the reputation of Repo Man (“We took Repo Man sequels to Universal and proposed they do it, but they weren’t interested.  What they did instead is they brought out a movie titled Repo Men and pretended that was the sequel.”) is absurd.

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