Art-video made by attaching pyramidal crystals to an LCD

Mikey P sez, "A guy I went to art school with, Kit Webster, has made something unusual and pretty captivating by attaching pyramid-shaped crystals to an LCD screen and running some kind of algorithmically-generated video through them. It creates a hypnotic, kaleidoscopic effect and is well worth checking out. (The video's under 2 minutes long, which is nice for my video-art attention span and perhaps yours too.)"

PRISMATICA (Thanks, Mikey P!)


  1. That’s really pretty. =)

    I do wish he’d covered the red LED recording indicator light on the video camera. The reflection was distracting for me (approx. 0:57 to 1:34). Or maybe that red dot was something else? Either way, it took my attention away.

    Otherwise, super awesome! And gorgeous music too!

  2. Speaking as an algorist . . . I wish people would stop using that word if it doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t here.
    It’s too late . . .
    good bye little word, it’s been fun . . . goodbye . . .

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