Lawblawg commemorates My Cousin Vinny


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  1. You forgot to mention Fred Gwynne’s awesome performance as the judge. He was Herman Munster and also a quite successful children’s book author. Gwynne died shortly after this movie was released.

    Most unrealistic thing about this movie was how quickly the case came to trial.

  2. trieste says:

    It’s to the movie’s, and Joe Pesci’s, credit that seldom is the 21 year disparity in ages between the co-stars mentioned. It’s as if we collectively decided that we know he was made for the role and we’ll blank out that he’s a 49-year-old recently-qualified law graduate. The director didn’t bog the story down with a possible ‘I just got out the Army after 20 years and decided to remake my life’ type explanation and just trusted the screenplay and cast.

  3. Sammy Davis, Jr. says:

    Boy, that’s some horrible photoshopping on that video box.

  4. howard789 says:

    I’m a huge fan.   Don’t know much about lawyering, but this is a great love scene:       

    “I routinely twist to maximum allowable torquage”  –  Yes, I believe she would.

  5. humanresource says:

    My Evidence Law lecturer used this movie to illustrate half the concepts in the course.  It covers expert evidence (and how you establish if someone in fact is an expert), adducing witness testimony, cross-examination techniques and so on. I’d advise budding law students to learn courtroom etiquette from somewhere else though.

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