DODOcase's new iPad covers: pretty sweet


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  1. John Smith says:

    OMG they made an iPad case look like a book! That is so clever.

  2. ppdd says:

    Jesus, those are pricey.  Does anyone make one of these using chinese labor to keep costs down?  

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      I’ve purchased a few over the years, and they’re well-made, hold up well. I’m happy to toss out a few more bucks for an object this pleasing that’s also made in the USA. Don’t buy more, just buy better, is my motto.

  3. desiredusername says:

    Clever name

  4. Does anyone out there know of an iPad cover which looks like the sort of leather folio a musician takes on stage? I’m actually looking into an iPad specifically so I don’t have to maintain shelves of sheet music binders anymore. 

  5. yri says:

    For a more vintage look, you can go with the BookBook:

  6. AsteriskCGY says:

    Anyway I could get one for my Motorola Xoom with the right size and holes? 

  7. pjcamp says:

    Them dead Chinese sure are shiny.

  8. Wayne Dyer says:

    Also look into Portenzo (, they’ve got some nice stuff as well, similar design.  I’ve been comparing these lately while my iPad is on order.  Also Treegloo and Pad and Quill do similar stuff.  Many do leather and bonded leather.  I like the feel and look of the library buckram.

  9. sockdoll says:


    Actually, seventy bucks is what we charged for handmade artist’s portfolios using bookbinding techniques and materials 25 years ago. They weren’t the great big portfolios, but clamshell-type boxes to hold loose drawings and prints – a bit bigger than these new ones for the iPad. The ones we made were all custom jobs, and the DODOcase ones are all standardized so it would be easier to produce them in quantity. Nice to see hand bookbinders getting work these days.

  10. Wow, those look pretty sexy and really look like a real book in real life :) (some “book cases” went for vintage but I like these styles)

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